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I’m a 24 year old half Filipino half Lebanese girl. I am also an support engineer. Among the many things i am greatly passionate are music, books, sketching and Japanese Animation. I tend to get homicidal tendencies when people call Anime "Cartoons" and i breakout in full-body hives when is see Anime being aired in languages other than Japanese. I'm not as touchy about my music as my Animation, only because i tend to be more eclectic in my taste. I generally range between extremes; from classical and Gregorian music to metal music...i pick at all the good stuff in between....except for rap...i hate rap. That being said i would like to stress on the fact that though i love music i just recently started learning how to play the guitar...one of these days when i have more time on my hands and an actual weekend rather than my 6 days a week job, i'm going to be really good at it. When i say books, i don’t mean thick volumes full of schematics and funny symbols and numbers; i mean the garden variety fiction or romcom. This sadly makes me feel less of the nerd I’m supposed to be but it can't be helped i guess. That's not to say that i leave my tech books all lonely; i can assure you that they get a lot of the hot action at work.

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