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A Troubled Man

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    • Christianity - The Short Version

      Christianity - The Short Version

      3 years ago

      "Guy met the Buddha, liked what he heard,  Thought about it for a while--  Say 500 years, while he returned  To the Mediterranean,  Became an Etruscan.  Seeped into the roman empire.  He didn't like what they became--  A giant killing machine.  He went...

    • Lost Generation

      Lost Generation

      4 years ago

      Read this very carefully and decide if you belong to this generation...I am part of a lost generationand I refuse to believe thatI can change the worldI realize this may be a shock but“Happiness comes from within.”is a lie, and“Money will make me happy.”So in 30 years I will tell my...

    • Mormon Boy Scout Leaders

      Mormon Boy Scout Leaders

      4 years ago

      Boy scout leaders destroy natural rock formation... LAKE CITY –  Two Utah Boy Scout leaders who purposely knocked over an ancient desert rock formation in a state park say they've received death threats since a video of the toppling went...

    • RESOLVED: Post Error Message

      RESOLVED: Post Error Message

      4 years ago

      What is this error message and why does it occur? I notice that clicking the url that follows it doesn't do anything. Thanks."Sorry, the post you are looking for is no longer available on this page. If it still exists you should be able to find it here now:"

    • The Believer and The Understander

      The Believer and The Understander

      4 years ago

      How many agree with Eric that the term "Understander" can be applied to those who don't hold beliefs but instead, understand things?For example: "I believe in evolution""I understand evolution"One can believe in evolution but have no understanding of it, while another...

    • Do Atheists Reject God?

      Do Atheists Reject God?

      4 years ago

      Beth is attracted to ATM. She asks ATM out on a date. ATM isn't interested, maybe he isn't attracted to her or he's married. For whatever reason, he declines. Was Beth rejected? Yes.When someone is rejected, they're prone to feel despair and frustration, typically she'll feel resentment and anger...

    • Happy 70th Mick!

      Happy 70th Mick!

      5 years ago

      ...still dancing at 70... … dancing-70

    • The Dispute on Evolution

      The Dispute on Evolution

      5 years ago

      There is no dispute on evolution.It's one of the best understood, thoroughly tested scientific facts ever.No aspect of it at all is based on anything but sound, evidence-based, science.The current Pope accepts evolution, the previous Pope did, the one before him did. The current Bishop of...

    • Education For Death - Disney WWII Propaganda Cartoon

      Education For Death - Disney WWII Propaganda Cartoon

      5 years ago

      Disney, like you've never seen it before..., since it's dark video of yesteryear, the latest creepy one is...

    • Pope Canonizes 800

      Pope Canonizes 800

      5 years ago

      "ROME -- Pope Francis canonized more than 800 Catholics in Saint Peter’s Square Sunday – the largest number to be elevated to sainthood at once in the history of the Catholic Church.The choice of some of the new saints was also striking, touching on the already-fragile relationship between...

    • Name Change for Christmas

      Name Change for Christmas

      5 years ago

      I would like to hear your ideas in regards to changing the name of the "Christmas" season to something more appropriate so as to lose the concept of gaining converts and power in the name of Jesus.Perhaps, we should go back to the name, "Yule"

    • Natural Disaster or Will of God?

      Natural Disaster or Will of God?

      5 years ago

      Why would God create such a hostile environment for humans such as the Earth? There are all kinds of natural disasters; earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc, that in the last decade alone have accounted for hundreds of thousands of deaths. Why couldn't God have created a safer Earth for humans?

    • Would Jesus Support Evolution?

      Would Jesus Support Evolution?

      6 years ago

      If Jesus were to read the book, "On The Origin of Species", do you think He would understand it and support it or reject it?If the mountains of evidence for evolution were presented to Him, would He accept the evidence as valid or reject it out of hand?

    • One Prayer at a Time, Please

      One Prayer at a Time, Please

      5 years ago

      I will first refer to the movie, "Bruce Almighty" in which God asks Bruce for a prayer, his response was..."Bruce: Lord, feed the hungry, and bring peace to all of mankind. How's that?God: Great... If you wanna be Miss America. "While the answer from God was somewhat funny, it...

    • Global Atheist Convention 2012 - Melbourne Australia

      Global Atheist Convention 2012 - Melbourne Australia

      6 years ago

      Less than two weeks ago, the atheist convention held in Melbourne had both Christian and Muslim protesters wielding signs and chanting their hatred.Here are some examples of the signs Muslims held..."Message to Infidel - Burn in Hell Forever""Atheism a Humiliation of Reason - Islam...

    • Are The Hubpages Forums a Mission Field?

      Are The Hubpages Forums a Mission Field?

      6 years ago

      Should those who regard these forums as a place to preach, evangelize and view as a mission field be banned for doing so, especially when they also state adamantly they do not care whether or not anyone dislikes it?

    • Association for Cultural Equity - The Alan Lomax Collection

      Association for Cultural Equity - The Alan Lomax Collection

      6 years ago

      If anyone was watching Stephen Colbert on March 8th, they would have seen his guests Don Fleming, Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris performing "Good Old Mountain Dew" and promoting folk songs and the Alan Lomax collection of recordings he made over the years. My understanding is that the...

    • The 'How To Christianity' Guide

      The 'How To Christianity' Guide

      6 years ago

      Just live by the moral and ethical teachings of Jesus and forget the other nonsense about gods, walking on water, healing the sick and lame, heaven, hell, evangelism and all the other gobbledegook written in the Bible. Simple, yet highly effective.Mankind would appreciate it.

    • Atheism is a Religion Like Abstinence is a Sex Position

      Atheism is a Religion Like Abstinence is a Sex Position

      6 years ago … tion-video

    • Online Scams Advertised on Hubpages

      Online Scams Advertised on Hubpages

      6 years ago

      I was reading a hub and found an advertisement linking to the newschannel8online scam, which is another name for the Home Income Profit System. … it-a-scam/Does Hubpages promote these ads are are they unable to block them?

    • The 'Bro' is in the House

      The 'Bro' is in the House

      6 years ago

      Yes Brotheryochanan, you are in the house, front and center.I wouldn't go so far as to say your disclaimer was inappropriate and lacked clarity and magnitude in its description considering it went well beyond nasty meanness, but we won't linger on that or sully up further the other thread from...

    • Girlguiding UK: Remove from the Guiding Promise any reference to God

      Girlguiding UK: Remove from the Guiding Promise any reference to God

      6 years ago

      "An inclusive society is one in which access to positions of responsibility or top awards should not be barred from those who don't have a faith and consequently can't make a promise to God.By taking this step, Girlguiding will be seen as a progressive, egalitarian and meritocratic...

    • The Hypochristian and the Bully

      The Hypochristian and the Bully

      5 years ago

      The Urban Dictionary defines the "Hypochristian" ..."Contraction of the words 'hypocrite' and 'Christian'. Any Christian who claims to follow the teaching of Christ but whose belief structure, values and/or actions directly contradict such a claim. Typically, hypochristians support...

    • Dinosaur feather evolution trapped in Canadian amber...

      Dinosaur feather evolution trapped in Canadian amber...

      6 years ago

      "Samples of amber in western Canada containing feathers from dinosaurs and birds have yielded the most complete story of feather evolution ever seen.The find, along with an accompanying article analysing feather pigment, adds to the idea that many dinosaurs sported feathers - some brightly...

    • Science vs. Prayer

      Science vs. Prayer

      6 years ago


    • What's love got to do

      What's love got to do

      7 years ago

      with Christianity?I ask that from the perspective of it being a prerequisite of the religion. Do you have to love God in order to be a Christian?Or, is it just all about obedience and worship, and loving God is just an emotion you can personally have if that's what you want to believe?We can find...

    • The Reason Rally - March 24, 2012

      The Reason Rally - March 24, 2012

      7 years ago

      "Join us for the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history" anyone from the Washington DC area will be going to this rally, it would be great if you could provide some comments.

    • WordWeb


      7 years ago

      I was just prompted to upgrade my version of WordWeb to 6.51a and wondered if others use this handy resource?I like that I can hold the Ctrl key down, right click on any word and it pops up with the definition.Click the Speaker icon and hear the word pronounced.Works great.Like it? Love it? Got...