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It has taken what seems like a lifetime to be able to express my creative thoughts in a way that reflects my experiences and knowledge.

My fascination grew when my mother gave me a book to read; Manchild in the Promise Land by Claude Brown. From there, I ventured into readings such as Rainbow Jordan by Alice Childress. These authors captured the struggle has been within the urban community through generations. But when I picked up True to the Game, Coldest Winter Ever up to Project Chick and all of Kwan’s writings I then realized that not only has struggle played a forever existing role in African American’s lives but has allowed us to create a world outside of rap music where we can tell our stories and experiences in black and white. We are shattering the myth that black folx don’t read with each turn of a page. The world of urban fiction has opened the doors for voices that normally would never have been heard. I started expressing my views in reference to urban life through poetry, inspired by Maya Angelou, which turned into short stories then "Eyes on the Pryze." So watch out Urban Fiction there is a new pen in town and it’s being held by, Felisha Bradshaw.

Felisha Bradshaw resides in Bridgeport, Connecticut and is currently working on the sequel to "Eyes on the Pryze", called, 69 Degrees…A Ladies Lounge. Coming fall 2010

She is a graduate of Housatonic Community College, holding an Associates Degree in General Studies and is enrolled in Ashford University where she will graduate June 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.

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