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I am a freelance writer, author and book publicist who lives in Charleston, South Carolina. I once had a very successful website but in recent years I limit my online activity to twitter, and I sometimes write a blog or two at http://authorfriendly.wordpress.com. I have several web pages including a site at http://psychologyknowledge.com and http://diabetesmellitus2.org.

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While I am also a psychologist by trade, the articles on this hub reflect for the most part my personal and not my professional beliefs and perspectives. When I do write on psychology topics I am not in any way intending or offering help, or a balanced scholarly analysis, and would expect that your answers would be addressed by your own clinician who would be familiar with your situation more specifically and acting in a professional capacity.

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  • Complex PTSD Symptoms and Treatment

    Complex PTSD Symptoms and Treatment

    3 years ago

    Understanding complex PTSD symptoms and origins is an important first step in finding a PTSD treatment that takes into account the troubles with intimacy and trust, and the pervasive identity issues, that are often not...