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Authorite is a writer who is constantly on the lookout for outlets for his writing. He has joined Hub Pages as it provides the perfect outlet to create individual pages of information on a wide variety of different subjects.

One of his main subjects of interest is that of creating a more interesting living space, or more precisely improving the home. You'll find several home improvements themed hubs amongst the collection. These range from looking at certain specialist power tools to gardening equipment, stuff to enhance your patio or outside living space as well as interior decorating and refurbishments.

Writing the hubs is all about puttlng your own experiences down on paper, or as in the case of hubs, a digital data file. The best hubs are written not necessarily by the best writers, but by the writers who know what they're writing about because they have direct experience with using the things, or having visited the places, or been personally involved with the things they write about. That way, the information is first hand and written with a passion that can only come from someone who has encountered that particular life experience and has enough of the necessary writing skills to get it down in text.

As you probably guessed, Authorite is a hands on type of guy and likes to write about what he has experienced himself. So where he writes about a set of electric garden prumners, then you can bet he owns a set and uses them when he's out tending his garden!

Incidentally, the guy in the photo is the Greater Northern Slumbering Owl, as you can easily tell by the semi-closed eyelids and "What, me worry?" attitude...

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