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I am a versatile and prolific writer with prowess, acumen and flair for writing. I am a content writer with SEO experience and a guest blogger. I write content for websites by adhering to the keyword density and proximity guidelines so as to ensure that web content is search engine optimized.

I believe I have what it takes to deliver a properly proofread and edited content. I have written press releases as well. I have an eye for detail, and I am extremely observant. I believe I have the finesse that is needed to critique my work which I think is vital and necessary for quality improvement purposes.

To enhance and improve the quality of my writing, I constantly explore different avenues that I believe are a part and parcel of the proofreading and editing process. I have rewritten the content as well and have been able to achieve optimum enhancement of the rewritten content. Some outline or a reference material is all it takes for me to write on. That's all I need to follow a certain train of thought. I could also very well do with jotting down anything that comes to mind. I would then be able to elaborate and or enhance it.

I believe I have evolved over the years as a content writer with every little bit of experience that I have had. I have been able to harness my skills and apply them appropriately and successfully. Due to my initiation as a writer at an early age I acquired the ability to articulate and pen my thoughts coherently and succinctly which is a reflection of my cognitive thought process.

I used to jot down my thoughts and observations in a notebook. Those very observations were topics and subject matter of my notebook entries. I did it so often that it became a habit and then gradually writing became a hobby. Through this journey, I have nurtured and honed my skills and have inculcated, imbibed and emulated different writing styles and techniques to create the desired impact.

My writing reflects my dynamism as a writer as I am a technical as well as a non-technical writer. In my career, I have prepared techno-functional procedural manuals for training purposes as well. I have written on varied topics, subject matter and genre and thereby have built a repertoire.

In my repository of skills writing takes precedence as I enjoy writing more than anything else. I don't write to impress anyone that is not my purpose although I do write in a manner that comes naturally to me, and it's enthralling for readers and audiences.

I am also sensitive and discerning as a writer as I can immediately sense a well-composed piece of writing from one that isn't proofread and edited. More often than not whenever I have rewritten website content I have noticed with dismay poorly done web content published on the internet. It was quite apparent that there was very little proofreading or editing done. It was appalling to see such sub-standard content on websites.

The content that I write is a cut above the rest and, in fact, unique. I believe in expressing a point or an idea in layman's terms in order to attract readers from all walks of life. My philosophy is simple, readers ought to understand and enjoy reading what I write.

I conduct extensive research on any topic or subject matter prior to writing on it. Hence, the crux of the topic or subject matter is conveyed in its original shape and form to the reader and not lost in translation. I do not compromise on quality and satisfaction is guaranteed. I continually collaborate with my clients at every step of the way to ensure that my clients are satisfied.

Thus far, my clients have been extremely satisfied with my writing. They have expressed their appreciation in the form of endorsements, accolades and recommendations. It is an honour and a privilege for me to have been able to satisfy my clients with my writing.

All this would not have been possible had I not pursued my zeal and passion for writing wholeheartedly and with tenacity, grit and determination. I want to give credit where it’s due. I have had excellent clients so far, and it is because of their support and cooperation that I have blossomed as a writer. With every success, I am enthused to embark on new jobs with renewed vigour.

For me as a writer though the journey is a never-ending one. A lot is demanded of me as my true mettle has been discovered and exposed. I am therefore continually striving and aspiring to live up to the expectation of my readers and intended audience and write content to their satisfaction.

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