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Hello. My name is Raymond .What I am aware of most are my shortcomings . I mostly write nonsense poetry , and first person fiction . The words you read here .I wrote. The pictures you will see here were taken by me. The art work displayed is made by my hand.

I'm not a professional writer .

What i am ,is a father , a grandfather,and a tradesman. Today i begin again.

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  • season to taste.

    season to taste.

    5 years ago

    I saw a spring. And from its depths. Icy life flowed upwards . I saw a summer. And from the sun. Eden like gardens grew. I saw a fall. And from its grace. Butterfly's arose an flew. I felt a winter. ...

  • A place to drink.

    A place to drink.

    5 years ago

    Rain from every direction came. First for hours, then for days. Weeks turned to months. So quickly. Its been ten years falling now. And no matter where you stand . Mountain to valley. Everyone is ankle deep. Its...

  • lily bug

    lily bug

    6 years ago

    Her hair is dirty pigtailed blond, Her face scared by lasers beam . Her eyes are the color emeralds hope to be . She is true Aquarius , born Oxen. A yellow dragon by her side. Amethyst dons her left hand....

  • Perspective Force

    Perspective Force

    6 years ago

    Peddling the war machine from lemonade stands. A nickel for a cup full of conflict . This is how we band together . Silhouettes of house cats starring out window screens . Never knowing what its like to live...

  • well placed kiss

    well placed kiss

    6 years ago

    Blew was this kiss . It whispered past your lips. To land on the salty taste of sadness rolling down your cheek . Oh woe is me , woe is me , woe is me. Some might say it missed . But it didn't, Because this...

  • Baobab Child

    Baobab Child

    6 years ago

    Sprang from barren soil . Dry cracked shattered ground. Long over farmed, now a ghost town. Grows like a tree. This new form of men. Matures to uproot. Then spreads like a weed. Legs like the mangrove...

  • Fog ran aground

    Fog ran aground

    6 years ago

    Fog is rarely something silent. It constantly whispers the vague. Its quick to bring one to violence. Its intent is to lead one a stray. A shipwrecked cloud. Set and stranded. A mist unable to stand.Alone...