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    How to Learn a Foreign Language: Issues in Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy

    5 months ago

    What is the best way to become perfectly fluent in a foreign language? Many recommend complete and total immersion, but others are concerned about reducing anxiety in students and providing only a positive experience. However, to become a fluent speaker, one has to internalize the language and...

  • 30

    The Difference Between Studying and Learning

    3 months ago

    Are study skills important for success in school? Is success in school essential for success in life? Where does thinking come into this? These are important questions for teachers to ask.

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    Project Bow's FAQ: Why is it called a lexigram when it looks like a word?

    13 years ago

    At this point in his development, Bow no longer needs lexigrams. He is literate and he spells out his own words. Bow developed literacy at the age of five and half years. But before that, we used lexigrams. And our lexigrams looked kind of like this:

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    Why Prejudice Is Bad

    18 months ago

    Though it is often misunderstood as some sort of equivalent to "evil," prejudice has a specific definition. This article will take a look at what prejudice really is, where it can be found, and what we can do about it.

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    How to Change Language Settings in YouTube

    3 years ago

    Changing the language settings in YouTube is easy. You find the label that says "current language," press "show languages," and select the language you want. However, sometimes you might not be able to read those labels! Here's a quick guide to navigating the settings in any language.

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    Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal and Family Values

    4 years ago

    I am neither liberal nor a conservative. There are things about the liberal platform that I find abhorrent. There are things about the conservative agenda that make me shudder. A friend of mine, who happens to be pagan (but who otherwise harbors...

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    How to make a rainforest diorama

    12 years ago

    This week, my daughter was assigned a rainforest diorama to make. Her grade on this assignment counts as a science test. This is a little odd, I think, as the skills necessary to make an effective diorama fall mostly into the category of arts and...

  • 197

    Facts about Homo Sapiens that You May Not Already Know

    14 years ago

    Perhaps you are considering adding another human being to your household. Or maybe you have no experience at all with human beings, and this will be the first one you encounter. This hub will give you some basic facts about human beings and the...

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    Avarice versus Greed

    12 years ago

    Avarice and greed are often used as interchangeable synonyms, with greed having the higher frequency of use and avarice appearing only rarely. However, if you look at the finer distinctions in their connotations and their etymology, you will find...

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    Language is Learned

    15 years ago

    You may have heard it said that all babies have the same linguistic abilities at birth. This is true. They have no linguistic abilities at birth. No child is born knowing language, and early infancy and childhood are when language is acquired. What...


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