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Raven Moon – is a cat lover and a Wiccan. Owner of Just Wicca, a growing website about Wicca on the web, Raven enjoys camping and mental power development. More articles from Raven: Necromancy, How to be a Witch.

You can follow her on twitter, read some more witchcraft articles by her, or check her our on other websites. She has started a podcast and posts regularly on YouTube. Find out her simplistic and eclectic wiccan path as she shares witchcraft spells, wiccan spells, and love spells.

You can receive a free wiccan charm from the website by linking to our best post on becoming a witch. Email for more details, JW@JustWicca.com. (@BallisticJW)

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  • Wicka- About Wicka and Witchcraft

    Wicka- About Wicka and Witchcraft

    6 years ago

    A lot of people now a days are spelling the craft of Wicca like "wicka". Mainly its the younger witches who lean more on a path of traditional witchcraft. So I thought I would make a mini free eCourse like a school of...

  • 3 Witchcraft Travel Spells

    3 Witchcraft Travel Spells

    6 years ago

    Witchcraft can be used for all areas of your life. You can try some of these spells if you travel and see how well they work for you. I have personally used each one of these spells and have had tremendous success with...

  • Why isn’t my spell working?

    Why isn’t my spell working?

    6 years ago

    A lot people ask this common question, some newer witches might have done their first spell and they want to know why it is that their spell didn’t work or isn’t working. They tend to think they did everything...