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What's up natural hair community? It's your girl Kennedy Elise here. Okay, so a little about myself. I am a long time supporter of the natural hair movement and "diva". I'm here to support all of the naturals out there - male or female. On this hub, I will bring valuable content that you can't find on all of the other natural hair blogs online. Follow me to see what truely makes this hub different.

One of the biggest challenges for a lady with curly hair is the frizz factor. Curly hair is the type of hair that is most prone to frizziness and simply getting out of control. There are always things you can do to help cut down on your curly hair being frizzy.

Frizz hair responds well to a little spritz of hair spray. Just make sure that you use a light hand. Once the hair spray dries on your hair, run your fingers through it gently. The waves and zigzag parts of curly hair respond well to hair spray.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner that are moisturizing and preferably ones that are designed for curly hair. Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. Follow with leave-in-conditioner.

Leave-in conditioner is a must for curly hair. Due to the fact that this type of conditioner stays in the hair, it is excellent when it comes to managing the frizzies that often walk hand in hand with curly hair.

It is recommended for curly hair that you apply a deep conditioning treatment once a month. This helps to manage curly hair that has a mind of its own. Ends are better controlled with a deep conditioning treatment and the necessary moisture that the hair needs is replenished.

It is smart to use a big toothed or wide toothed comb after washing your hair. You can use a wide toothed pick if you prefer when your hair is wet. A brush is not recommended for curly hair. Hair should never be brushed when it is wet any way. One option is to use a sealer on your hair in order to repair damage when it is wet. Apply the sealer before you blow dry your hair, and afterwards too if you feel it needs it. The sealer is excellent for those prone to frizz and also to help decrease the incidence of split ends.

In order to nurture your hair and take the best care of it as possible you should get your curly hair cut every eight to 12 weeks. Find a stylist who understands all about curly hair and can help you to the best of his or her ability. A stylist who knows his or her stuff will cut your hair according to your own curl formation.

If you decide that you want your hair to be bleached blonde or you want to go platinum blonde, this will serve to strip you of your natural color and it will make your hair drier. This means your curly hair will become drier and limper. Take heed!

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