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Hello , In my 10 years of internet marketing, I have seen a lot of changes.
I have seen a lot of mlm {Multi-Level marketing} & IM{Internet marketing} companies fall by the curb.
I have joined My fair share of companies that promised big and payed little.
I have also been involved with companies that payed big for a while and then disappeared.
I once swore I would never get involved with internet marketing again lol, but here I am.
I have to admit I love it!
I especially love it now because, now I know it a whole lot better, I can smell a scam a mile away.
They all have a similar odor about them.There are few companies that I would advocate, simply because the pay/compensation structure is tainted with owners greed. Seriously there are not too many IM businesses online that are designed to make the owner ridiculously rich while the members have to bust their asses and pocketbooks to earn a tiny percentage of what the owners earn!
There are a few that are designed to help everyone make a really good living online.

So if your fairly new to IM & MLM's and need advice or have questions I hope you would feel comfortable enough to ask me for help. If I had someone to ask questions to when I was starting Out, it could have saved me a lot of money and heartache.
And remember; "It's not about having all the cards, it's about how you play the cards you have been dealt"

To OUR Success,
Stephen Michael


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