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Greetings, Hubmunity!

Talking about myself is really boring, so I'll keep it brief. From my hubs, you can expect to hear a lot about Buddhism. Also, I'll be using HubPages exclusively to share my interpretations of the Buddhistic Suttas. Every so often, I intend to share my thoughts on the subject of woodwind technique.

When you find Amazon links in my articles, it means I have hand-selected a book directly relevant to the article. It is never a random book brought up from keywords, and it is (with few notable exceptions) something I've read myself.


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  • How to Make Money Meditating

    How to Make Money Meditating

    11 months ago

    How to Make Money Meditating Yes, that's what the title says. There's no trick, there isn't a link at the bottom of this page asking you to go give someone money, and there's nothing hard about what you're about to...

  • The Buddhist Idea of Karma

    The Buddhist Idea of Karma

    9 years ago

    In the western world, Karma is tied deeply into two very large misconceptions. "For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" is a phrase often associated with Karma, and like most generalizations, it is...