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Greetings, Hubmunity!

Talking about myself is really boring, so I'll keep it brief. From my hubs, you can expect to hear a lot about Buddhism. Also, I'll be using HubPages exclusively to share my interpretations of the Buddhistic Suttas. Every so often, I intend to share my thoughts on the subject of woodwind technique.

When you find Amazon links in my articles, it means I have hand-selected a book directly relevant to the article. It is never a random book brought up from keywords, and it is (with few notable exceptions) something I've read myself.


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  • How to Make Money Meditating

    How to Make Money Meditating

    14 months ago

    How to Make Money Meditating Yes, that's what the title says. There's no trick, there isn't a link at the bottom of this page asking you to go give someone money, and there's nothing hard about what you're about to...

  • The Buddhist Idea of Karma

    The Buddhist Idea of Karma

    10 years ago

    In the western world, Karma is tied deeply into two very large misconceptions. "For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" is a phrase often associated with Karma, and like most generalizations, it is...