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Hi, welcome to my HubPages profile. My name is Bill and I live here in Western Massachusetts at the foot of the Berkshires. My wife and I have many interests but we especially love to travel, take lots of photos, be outdoors and go places we've never been before. I am also an avid runner and love most outdoor activities and sports.

I must say that HubPages can be quite addicting. I love the concept and see myself doing this for the foreseeable future. I've never considered myself to be a writer, numbers and math were always my strong suites, but I'm learning more every day and I love sharing the things that I'm passionate about in life. My topics at the moment seem to be centered on travel, sports, running, photography and more travel, but I hope to expand into other areas that interest me in the future.

If you like to write and want to share your knowledge, travels, stories, photos and passions with others consider signing up here. It's totally free, AND, it cost you nothing.

Thanks for stopping by.


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