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As a toddler my mom said hide and seek was my favorite game.

Influnced by the Nancy Drew's book club, I started writing my own mysteries as a hobby at age 12. My story of twin detectives Andy & Randy were also age 12. These twins were tops because no one knew there were two of them.

After high school I studied journalism, later studied to be an R.N. I have traveled a lot, to England, France and around the U.S.. You haven't experienced enough of life, until you see how different people in other parts of the world live.

1994: I was selected for a New poets award, by the New Poets Society. Sponsored by Rita Moreno,Woopie Goldberg and others .

It has also been my pleasure to audit several creative writing classes at U.S.C. and U.W.A.

I mainly write about historical life, with an accent on unsolved and unexplained events. My favorite time period in Europe is the Georgian, Regency,Victorian, and the Edwardian era.

In America the 1890's and the turn of the century is the best time travel ever.

I have a lot to write about decadent, plush, posh, sumptious decorating and living the higest standards of your ability.

Working for the rich and famous has it's rewards. I'm not just speaking from a material point of view. Most people that achieve success are highly motivated and work hard, it helps to love what you do and be the best.

I have worked for several famous cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive Board Certified Doctors. As a result I have met many famous people and definately have fond memories. Being highly thought of because I understand how to respect a persons privacy, it is one of my greatest attribute.


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    A Victorian woman who married turned her assets and life by law to her husband. Many sufferred hardship under this control. She believed that beauty could insure proper family love and respect .