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Faith is passionately dedicated to the Lord (not religion) & her family. She is a mom who works part time from her home learning how to make money online and creating a long term residual income with an internet home business. Faith strongly believes in creating multiple streams of income (at one point she was working a telecommuting job from home doing data entry) so, Faith is currently focusing on building several various streams of online incomes and businesses. By browsing her Hubs you can learn more about her home based residual income business or one of the many other ways she uses to make money online.

Faith is also passionate about donating to charities and helping women and their families all over to create a supplemental income from home so that they can have financial freedom, allowing them to spend more time with their families and doing the things they love. She also has a natural desire to learn about health (she was once pursuing a Doctorate of Naturopathy) and is always interested in, researching, and learning about alternative and natural treatments for ailments and other medical issues and how multivitamin nutrition may help.

Most of the information she shares in the Hubs (articles) she writes is based off of her own experiences and/or opinions. While she does have the possibility of financial gain in some of the opportunities or information she presents to you, it is honestly her best interest to give you very unbiased and honest information. While she would love to include a guarantee, she obviously can’t. Any information she provides contains no guarantee of success or work.

Faith uses HubPages as a one stop platform to share with you all of the information she has found useful over the past few years. Faith has found HubPages to not only be a convenient and fun place to share all of her “knowledge,” but she is also creating an income from home while doing it – and she invites you to do the same by joining HubPages!

Please do not hesitate to contact Faith with questions or concerns and feel free to leave a comment. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Have a blessed day!

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    Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

    6 years ago

    Since I was brought up in a family that has never celebrated Halloween, I have always wondered why do we (as a culture) in the United States celebrate Halloween? What is the whole reason behind dressing up in silly...