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  • Trapped In You

    Trapped In You

    6 years ago

    Wrapped in each other's arms once again. Entangled in each other, again. I don't know where else to be. Do I actually exist if not for you? You take me into your arms and kiss my mouth, and it truly feels that you are where you want to be....

  • Love's Death

    Love's Death

    6 years ago

    Immersed inside a misty dream, I walk along a quiet stream. No one hears my silent screams, And love becomes a tortured scene. High upon a lonely hill My voice a silent, tortured shrill And all of my abandoned will Invades my soul,...

  • I Was Born to Love You

    I Was Born to Love You

    3 years ago

    To be in the midst of a tormented love affair is to run naked in an endless thunderstorm. It is to be so exposed at your core that you exist on the love alone.

  • On the Other Side of Love

    On the Other Side of Love

    6 years ago

    What lies past the tears on the other side of love?

  • Splish, Splash, Pupper Bath

    Splish, Splash, Pupper Bath

    7 years ago

    Unconditional L O V E Two dogs clean, four ears clean, one pupper mom soaked. Yes, Beatrice and Finley Danielle had their baths tonight. Beatrice can't take off out of the tub, so, I did the easy one first. She stood there acting like she was...

  • I Love My Phone

    I Love My Phone

    7 years ago

    Has anyone else ever been afraid of a phone? What I need right now is that eleven year old kid whose room looks like mission control to first set up everything that should and could possibly be set up in my new phone (which is apparently SMARTER...

  • My Own March

    My Own March

    7 years ago

    I went to the lake and walked tonight. It's the first time I have done that in a really long time. I didn't feel like going earlier in the day, but a friend told me to go, that I needed it. She was right. I needed it. And it felt good. I...

  • Until I Am No More

    Until I Am No More

    6 years ago

    The lump in my throat is a constant companion, and a steady reminder that I am completely alone. You are the absolute love of my life, but I stand here holding nothing. How can this be my life? Where is the moment in time, that isolated incident,...

  • Poison On Your Lips

    Poison On Your Lips

    7 years ago

    Do you think you can jerk me around like a yo-yo, or a fancy watch fob that you take out and twirl in the air? You amuse yourself with the sparkle as it catches the light on its way around, up and down. Then you put it away when you're tired of the...

  • Kiss Me In The Rain

    Kiss Me In The Rain

    6 years ago

    Beatrice, Finley and I just got in from our last walk of the day. It was taken under the gentlest of rain. Tap, tap, tap on the tips of our noses came drop after drop of heaven's cleansing. Normally, Beatrice will have nothing to do with the wet...

  • The Morning's Gift

    The Morning's Gift

    7 years ago

    My day began with a walk to the pupper park with the girls. I am convinced that there is nothing better than Saturday mornings when you have nowhere to be, and no demands to answer, save the ones of your own heart's desire. The three of us tromped...

  • This Moment, This Love

    This Moment, This Love

    7 years ago

    It is good to pause and consider the simple goodness that surrounds us.

  • Heart of Flames and Ashes

    Heart of Flames and Ashes

    7 years ago

    You acknowledge nothing. Your heart is a giant void. You act as if this is acceptable, normal, even practical behavior. You wound me with every neglect, and have no difficulty doing so. I wish that the thought of being without me would obliterate...

  • Shadow in the Sun

    Shadow in the Sun

    7 years ago

    Stripped ~ I put down my pride for you. I put it down, and I walked away. How much less of me can there be than what I have become? Scary when I think of what the answer to that question may be. Scary because I am at the very center of this whole...

  • What Isn't Wanted

    What Isn't Wanted

    8 years ago

    Me. I am not wanted. You. Always wanting. Me and you. You not wanting me. The truth. You want to take what you can from me, and then leave me wanting something which you never intended to give to me. Never. It’s too hard for you. You set...

  • Love's Fairytale

    Love's Fairytale

    7 years ago

    Long ago on dreamy nights I dreamt the dream of love’s delights. I fixed my wishes to a star, And wondered, were you near or far? The sweetness of those wishes grew As hope for all that would be you Held firmly deep within my...

  • War of My Heart

    War of My Heart

    6 years ago

    For so many years I pretended to be what I am not. It is both strange and comforting to acknowledge that idea as fact. It is after all, simply the truth. I have waged wars between my heart and my head, broadening the wedge between the two. It is...

  • Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

    Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

    8 years ago

    When is it enough? When is it over? How do you say goodbye to all that is your heart, holds your heart . . . makes the beat in your heart???

  • Did You Miss Me?

    Did You Miss Me?

    8 years ago

    He is here, then he is gone. I am left to miss him for the million moments between this one, and the one when he returns. Yes . . . I miss him.

  • My Valentine, My Forever Love

    My Valentine, My Forever Love

    7 years ago

    Sweet love. The greatest blessing. When we have the love of another, we hold joy in our hearts.



    7 years ago

    I love, love, love him. That forever kind of love him. xo

  • I Did Not Know

    I Did Not Know

    7 years ago

    We've all traveled this road, this road in search of love. Hopefully, we find it, and we come home again.

  • Last Kiss

    Last Kiss

    6 years ago

    When is the last kiss? Can we ever know? In looking back, it can come as such a surprise . . .

  • Star's Light

    Star's Light

    8 years ago

    The message of this hub came to me as I was out in the evening taking a walk with my beautiful dog. My mind drifted toward the man that I love, and my thoughts were enveloped by him. I made a wish on a glorious star for him.

  • My Heart, My Enemy

    My Heart, My Enemy

    7 years ago

    The pain of love can be overpowering at times. Sometimes you just need to let out the emotion you are feeling on the inside. Say what you need to say, let it go. It can be enough to salvage your sanity in the moment.

  • The Pearls of My Heart

    The Pearls of My Heart

    8 years ago

    We can give, and give, and give the best of ourselves to another, and the result can seem to be to no avail. Love is complicated, what we see, what we allow ourselves to understand is just as complicated. Sometimes there just is no answer.

  • Angel's Love From Above

    Angel's Love From Above

    7 years ago

    The love of a mother cannot be measured. It is a tragic loss to lose one's mother in death. But even so, her love surrounds, and she is everywhere bestowing her love at every moment.

  • I'll Still Be Standing Here

    I'll Still Be Standing Here

    8 years ago

    Love is fed in part by dedication to the one we love. Supporting each other in times of trouble will cause the love and the relationship to grow deeper and stronger. Stand by the ones you love always, no matter what.

  • Love's Arrow

    Love's Arrow

    7 years ago

    The pain of love lost is like an arrow through the heart. The shock of losing love makes you feel as though you have been stabbed through the heart a thousand times. It just keeps hurting.

  • Our Love Divine

    Our Love Divine

    8 years ago

    When we are deeply in love, we see all things beautiful in our lover. We cannot even imagine our lives having not known this great love.

  • An Inconvenient Emotion

    An Inconvenient Emotion

    8 years ago

    Do not be silenced because others do not care for what you have to say. There is no greater right in life than the right to your own feelings. Own them always!

  • My Sweet Despair

    My Sweet Despair

    8 years ago

    In love, it can be so difficult to be separated from the object of our affection. Sometimes we are left to cope on our own. Sometimes our hearts are torn into pieces over the complexity of the situation. Yet still we love.

  • Stop Making Me Love You

    Stop Making Me Love You

    8 years ago

    At times we feel powerless in love. The one we love holds all the cards, possesses all of the power. But only if we let them. Sometimes you must dig really deep to find your own strength, your own power.

  • Where Are You Taking Me?

    Where Are You Taking Me?

    8 years ago

    Love is such a wild ride. Sometimes you just need to get off of the train, and try to figure out where you are really going.



    8 years ago

    I could drink him in. If he was as big as the ocean, I could drink him in, and never be filled enough with him. This love is amazing, and I am so blessed to have known it.

  • If I Never Saw You Again

    If I Never Saw You Again

    7 years ago

    To imagine the pain of losing your love forever is . . . unimaginable. How important it is to share our love every single day.

  • When You Love Someone . . .

    When You Love Someone . . .

    8 years ago

    New relationships by their very nature convey great hope. What a blessing to experience a rebirth in life.

  • One More Letter to My Love

    One More Letter to My Love

    8 years ago

    Love is the most difficult thing to understand in this life. It is both blessing and curse. Yet, still we love, risks and all. It always seems to be worth it in the end.

  • You Chose Someone Else

    You Chose Someone Else

    8 years ago

    We are all confused in love when things go strangely in a direction that we don't expect. It takes great effort to try and understand the heart and mind of another human being. Sometimes we never do.

  • I Have Loved You For Six Years

    I Have Loved You For Six Years

    8 years ago

    It is the most difficult thing to keep quiet about the one you love. Sometimes circumstances give you no other option. It is painful to live that way. But it can be more painful to live without the one you love, even with such constraints.

  • My Sweet Man

    My Sweet Man

    8 years ago

    How I love him. He is the most cherished gift in my life. I love him with every fiber of my being. I always will.

  • I am Moon to your Sun

    I am Moon to your Sun

    8 years ago

    My love is the center of my universe. I feel as though I am held in his gravity, and I revolve around him for my very life.

  • Subs, sodas, so you’re the one

    Subs, sodas, so you’re the one

    8 years ago

    And so the story continues. There is so much to learn about you.



    7 years ago

    The painful side of love is extraordinarily powerful. In the end, you must surround yourself with your own strength to survive.

  • I Am Yours

    I Am Yours

    8 years ago

    When truly and deeply in love, you would love to live forever. Love is truly a life-giving force.

  • I Love You So

    I Love You So

    8 years ago

    Why does one person love, and the other does not? There just is no answer to this question. There is just hollowness.

  • Blue, blue eyes

    Blue, blue eyes

    8 years ago

    The day I met him. Oh, the day I met him.


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