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    Small Companion Dogs: Little Canines With Big Dog Attitude

    5 days ago

    Small companion dogs, although smaller in stature than their larger fellow canines, still display the attributes and attitudes of a big dog. They also bring their loyalty and friendship to dog owners who perhaps cannot offer the space and energy required by the larger dog breeds.

  • 100 Everyday Avian Idioms and Phrases Inspired by Human Observation of Birds

    100 Everyday Avian Idioms and Phrases Inspired by Human Observation of Birds

    7 days ago

    Birds have ruled the skies above us for millennia. Over time, each specie has developed its unique adaptations—the fantastic variety of form and behavior contributing a rich source of expression to the English language.

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    Pigment Dispersion Syndrome: My Experience With This Eye Condition

    7 days ago

    Here is a patient's experience of pigment dispersion syndrome, which includes causes, treatment options, and day-to-day management tips for this unusual eye disorder.

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    Removing Horsetail Weeds From Your Garden and Patio

    8 weeks ago

    There are weeds, and then there are horsetail weeds. These simply formed, fragile-looking plants are deceptively robust. Once they gain access to your garden paths and flower beds, they stake claim to their new home and the gardener's weeding tasks take on a whole new level of activity.

  • What Is an Idiom? the Purpose of This Literary Device in the English Language for Second Language Learners

    What Is an Idiom? the Purpose of This Literary Device in the English Language for Second Language Learners

    2 months ago

    While it is possible to converse in English without the use of idioms, the Second Language Learner (S.S.L.) will be at a disadvantage without some understanding of this literary term’s purpose and use. This article explains what idioms are and the functions they serve in the English language.

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    Everyday Antique Trader Vocabulary and Terminology

    8 months ago

    Every trade and profession develops its own unique language. This "secret" terminology often seems to exclude outsiders. If you are interested in becoming antique dealer or trader, then this insight into the everyday vocabulary and jargon they use will make this transition all the easier.

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    Common Spring Season Idioms, Adages, Quotes, and Sayings

    7 months ago

    Spring—a time of renewal and optimism. Nature awakens, giving rise to the promise of plenty. This article lists a number of idioms and adages borne from the impact of the spring season on people's lives. These wise sayings offer advice and guidance from generations past.

  • Common Winter Season Idioms, Adages, Quotes, Sayings and Proverbs

    Common Winter Season Idioms, Adages, Quotes, Sayings and Proverbs

    21 hours ago

    This article details winter idioms, adages and proverbs generated from the impact of winter seasons on generations long past, but which still have relevant messages for those of us over-wintering today.

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    Famous Quotes About Dogs

    9 months ago

    Our pet dogs are an integral part of our family life. They ground us in the here and now and ask little in return. It's no surprise that their contribution to our lives inspires us to create inspiring, humorous, and pithy quotes. Here are more than sixty of my favorite canine quotations.

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    Words of Wisdom Home Truths From Family and Friends

    12 months ago

    We all benefit from a few wise words now and again. Sometimes the sincerity of family and friends adds weight to the advice being given. Occasionally, little snippets of unintended wisdom can be funny. These received words of advice have all had an impact on me - sometimes heeded - sometimes not.

  • 50 Car Expressions and Idioms That Shape the English Language

    50 Car Expressions and Idioms That Shape the English Language

    9 months ago

    50 expressions and idioms that draw their message from societies use and dependence on the motor car.

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    Anaphora as a Literary Device: Usage and Meaning

    9 months ago

    Anaphora is an incredibly simple, yet powerful literary tool. It's used to generate an emotional response from the listener and to create memorable and thought provoking ideas in the user's audience whether in the media of political speeches, literature, theatre or music.

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    50 Nautical Terms and Sailing Phrases That Have Enriched Our Language

    3 months ago

    Seafaring has resulted in the development of a rich wealth of phrases and terms over the centuries, and many of these snippets of language are now incorporated into our everyday vocabulary—often without us realising where they originated. Enjoy these 50 nautical phrases coined by seafarers.

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    Gardening Jargon Explained: Plant Life-Cycles and Their Ability to Survive Weather Conditions

    9 months ago

    This article examines gardener’s jargon and aims to provide those new and not-so-new gardeners with a better understanding of the terminology used. In particular, this article discusses the gardening jargon surrounding the lifespan of various plants and their ability to survive weather conditions.

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    77 Cat Proverbs and Sayings

    9 months ago

    Cats inspire many proverbs and sayings. Not so surprising when you consider our relationship with cats and the many folklores and myths that surround them. Here are 77 cat proverbs and sayings from around the world.

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    Funny Imponderable Questions Lifes Little Perplexities

    8 months ago

    Puzzled and perplexed by all those seemingly unanswerable questions? Then look no further. This article will take away the strain and free you from those imponderable chains.

  • 18

    50 Cat Idioms and Phrases

    9 months ago

    This article contains 50 idioms related to cats. We use idioms in everyday speech, but I had no idea that so many include a reference to cats. How many do you recognize?

  • 2

    Funny Imponderables About Animals

    12 months ago

    Imponderables, perplexing little questions that get under your skin and have you itching for an answer. Well, put away the ointment, these animal related imponderables are just for fun.

  • 2

    Funny Imponderables about Food and Drink

    16 months ago

    Imponderables: puzzling questions that are just begging to be explained - and yet, often unexplainable. This article takes a light-hearted look at imponderable questions with a food related twist.

  • A to Z Guide of Dinosaurs

    A to Z Guide of Dinosaurs

    9 months ago

    Dinosaurs - some were bigger than a bus, others were smaller than a chicken. But whatever their size, these amazing creatures have captivated and enthused young and old alike. A guide to dinosaurs.

  • Magnets and Magnetism for Kids

    Magnets and Magnetism for Kids

    15 months ago

    A magnet is an object that produced a magnetic field. The magnetic field is an invisible force and as a young child I had an endless fascination with magnets. They drew me in to science in a way that few other objects could, after all - they seemed...

  • 124

    Top 10 Books for Kids Wanting to Be a Vet

    9 months ago

    For a great deal of my boyhood, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I always remember how difficult it was to find information on what a vet's life was actually like and what it took to qualify for the training (remember this was long before the age of the computer and search engines such as Google).

  • 30

    Mrs Beeton's Bread Pudding Recipes: 4 Variations

    9 months ago

    One of my all-time favorite dishes, bread puddings are from days past. Whether your favorite is baked, boiled, or steamed, they all stem from a time when desserts were built from every day, easily sourced ingredients. Inexpensive to make, yet incredibly tasty and satisfying to eat.

  • A to Z Guide to Horses

    A to Z Guide to Horses

    16 months ago

    A guide to the various horse breeds, their characteristics and traits. This article details horse breeds in alphabetical order ideal as a resource for those interested in knowing more about horses.

  • A to Z Guide of Cats

    A to Z Guide of Cats

    16 months ago

    A comprehensive guide to all cat breeds. Ideally suited as a resource for those curious about the world of cats. Young and old feline lovers alike are sure to find facts about the cat of their choice

  • All About Fossils

    All About Fossils

    16 months ago

    Who among us has not been fascinated at some time in their lives by fossils. As a youngster I remember the excitement and intrigue at turning over rocks on the beach to reveal fossils.

  • All About Beetles

    All About Beetles

    11 months ago

    Answers to all your beetle questions: How do beetles fly? How long do beetles live? What do they eat? How do they see? Are beetles harmful? An informative, educational and fun article that adds to everyone's learning and fascination about beetles.

  • Animal Riddles

    Animal Riddles

    16 months ago

    Animal Riddles are great fun. This article has 80 riddles and answers all with an animal related theme. Good clean humor at its very best. Join in with your kids and see if you can solve these riddles

  • Frog Idioms

    Frog Idioms

    8 weeks ago

    An idiom is a figurative form of speech in which the person speaking is using words in an imaginative or unusual way. This article focusses on idioms that involve the use of the word frog within them.

  • 15 Bear Idioms and Phrases Explained

    15 Bear Idioms and Phrases Explained

    8 weeks ago

    The bear is a true wonder of nature and many bear idioms make reference to the strength and forceful nature of this amazing animal.

  • Monkey Idioms

    Monkey Idioms

    2 months ago

    Idioms that mention monkeys are often humorous and rarely offensive, focussing instead on the playful aspects of a monkey's character.

  • 25 Horse Idioms and Phrases Explained

    25 Horse Idioms and Phrases Explained

    6 weeks ago

    There has been a long and illustrious history of mans interaction with the horse. It should be of little surprise therefore, that so many idioms gleamed from this man and horse relationship, have crept into our everyday language.

  • Rabbit Idioms

    Rabbit Idioms

    2 months ago

    An article detailing twenty idioms related to Rabbits, Hares and Bunnies. Idioms help make our speech more expressive and colourful. They also provide snippets of advice gleamed from generations of people who have trod life's path before us.

  • 30

    Dog Idioms

    8 months ago

    55 dog related idioms and phrases as used in everyday language. Dogs have long held a special place in our lives and it is therefore unsurprising that so many idiomatic expressions and phrases involving dogs have entered our vocabulary.

  • Pig Idioms

    Pig Idioms

    2 months ago

    There are a number of idioms that involve the word pig. Not all these expressions are, as you might expect, negative and derogatory in tone. They can also be positive and complimentary.


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