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I'm just a non-conformist trying to survive in a conformist world; I am a strong believer in individuality. I believe everyone regardless of their faith, sexuality, race or creed should have the right to express themselves so long as it doesn't undermine the rights of others. Hm, what else? Well my favorite food is stewed pork belly, and if you don't like it then there must be something wrong with you. HAH! I love physical culture, and when I say physical culture I don't mean six packs,modern bodybuilding, etc. I mean exercising for one's health, strength and emotional wellbeing, over frivolous, overrated skinnyboy aesthetics (just the way I roll, and if you don't like me and my way of life then you can p*ss off). Well, I spent 3 years at The University of Adelaide, and am currently studying to be a teacher, so all power to me and my non-conformity!

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