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  • Memory: A Poem

    Memory: A Poem

    4 years ago

    I thought of you today Of course that's nothing new You cross my mind a thousand times Way more than just a few I came across old pictures From our day up by the lake Back when we talked for hours Of all our past mistakes I cried for you today...

  • Wait In Vain

    Wait In Vain

    7 years ago

    Investing time with no results Am I just a shadow? Love now feels like obligation Do you not see me? Tears run down with no prevail When will it all matter? Sadness met with your distaste How do you not see? Precious gift I hold...

  • Idiom of a Reflective Soul

    Idiom of a Reflective Soul

    7 years ago

    From the outside looking in Tell me, where should I begin? Stifled dreams, left not to follow Inside feeling low and hollow Lost without the possibility Of yesterday and tomorrow Three years now have come to pass Somehow I knew it...

  • Desires


    7 years ago

    Contemplation of my desires, tainted with confusion Cast upon me like a beam of the ominous moon. The tears stream down my face once more, Bestowing upon me the relief I desperately call for. I long to have you with me once...

  • Unpretty: A Poem

    Unpretty: A Poem

    7 years ago

    Turn back the hands of time And just try to rewind All these feelings of loss and regret And the feelings of self hatred I’m sick of being the way I am I’m tired of being angry Waking up every day ...

  • I Changed

    I Changed

    7 years ago

    I look in the mirror and all I can see Is the image of who I used to be I wish I could show them how I feel I wish they only knew that this is real I’m not the same person I once was And it’s not like I changed...

  • Doubt: A Poem

    Doubt: A Poem

    7 years ago

    Never have I doubted your kiss before Nor have I been this unsure About anything as I am now With no reason of why or how I wish I only had a clue As to why I am beginning to doubt you It makes no sense to me...

  • Again...


    7 years ago

    Awake again in the darkness Quiet again as I think Lost again wondering about tomorrow Scared again not knowing where I stand Confused again but I guess that’s nothing new Searching for answers to my questions ...

  • What We Need

    What We Need

    7 years ago

    You aren’t where you should be now You’re somewhere else instead Even though your body’s here You’re somewhere in your head I wish for once you would talk to me And tell me how you feel I wish you...

  • Kill Me Soft and Sweet

    Kill Me Soft and Sweet

    7 years ago

    I just want to close my eyes tonight And wake to everything being alright My world is crumbling beneath my feet How can I grasp the pieces of earth As they slip through my fingers? No words can be said to make it okay Nothing I do can help fix...

  • Will You?

    Will You?

    7 years ago

    Constricted in my own skin, I cry for my release Trapped in a world I made my own Will you think of yesterday to mourn? My flaws are open, Displayed for your perception Will you see what has been offered? Shadowed by regretful...

  • Last Train

    Last Train

    8 years ago

    This is the beginning of a possible story. I would love some feedback. Please and thank you =] He stood in front of her in the pouring rain trying to remember everything in that very moment. Her wet hair plastered to her face, the scent of...

  • I May Never Have

    I May Never Have

    8 years ago

    I long for something I may never have Wishing, I pray for a future To hold within my arms A chance for something better And more than I am myself Tears fall by the dozen Filled with questions and no answers Am I too wicked to make...

  • Happy Face

    Happy Face

    8 years ago

      Happy face I plaster on Smiling through to make it gone No words spoken set me free Away from all this agony   Physically no scar or bruise Mentally I’m broken and used Shackled down by chains of sorrow Laced with the bitter...

  • My Life: A Short Blurb of Reflection

    My Life: A Short Blurb of Reflection

    8 years ago

    Sometimes I sit and wonder what things would be like if I never said a word. If I never opened my mouth and made that giant leap into what is the truth. And in retrospect, I know that what I did was the best decision for me. I was harboring so much...

  • Dreams of My Lover

    Dreams of My Lover

    8 years ago

      Longing builds, frustration grows The anticipation is agonizing Temptation, hovering Testing my will and patience   Opportunity within my grasp Just say the word, I’m there One night is all I’m asking To fulfill your every...

  • Words That Should Be Said

    Words That Should Be Said

    8 years ago

    The words I want to tell you They really should be said Buzzing all around me Like bees inside my head I do not know your secret To me it does not matter Lock it up and keep it Away from all to see Beautiful, no doubt you are Outside and within So...

  • Sleepless


    8 years ago

      Early is late Late is early I lose track these days On this endless loop That is time Time. Something I posses a lot of these days Time to think Time to write But never time to dream Sleep eludes me like a falling star ...

  • Monster I've Become

    Monster I've Become

    8 years ago

      Anger builds, threatening to explode I just need to get a hold of it Rein it in before it’s too late Gone now is the opportunity No turning back now Spewing from my mouth unpleasant words Too late, can’t take them back I feel...

  • Drivel of the Mind

    Drivel of the Mind

    8 years ago

      Faster now, a mile a minute A whirlwind of thoughts and questions Back and forth, left and right Nothing makes sense Just a jumble of words from pen to paper Jabberer and malcontent of nothing Wrapped around an endless sputter Of...

  • The Stars: A Reflection

    The Stars: A Reflection

    8 years ago

    I lie in bed and listen to the crickets serenading the night. With heavy eyes I look to the moon and stars above. Not a cloud is in the sky, only millions of sparkling diamonds dancing in the night. Never have I envied something more as I do the...

  • Blink Of An Eye

    Blink Of An Eye

    8 years ago

    Me 2009   I look to the mirror and to my dismay I no longer recognize the person staring back at me Who is this person I have become? What misfortunes have I bestowed upon others To be held in contempt by the looking glass before me? ...

  • When You Look Upon A Star

    When You Look Upon A Star

    8 years ago

    I know that I do not convey All the words I want to say Concealing all I feel inside Swallowing all my stubborn pride Knowing that it’s really true I’m on the edge of losing you   As if they’re etched with emery Kept inside my memory ...

  • I Miss You Now More Than Ever

    I Miss You Now More Than Ever

    8 years ago

    Today I saw a shooting star Now I wonder where you are And if you’re looking down to see All that I have come to be I hate this feeling of sorrow and of fear Of not having you close or near I wonder if this will get better I miss you...

  • A Patriarch's Descent: A Poem

    A Patriarch's Descent: A Poem

    8 years ago

    Flesh and blood, or so I thought Realizing now you choose your family I should never have said a word I should have been content being an imposter Walls were built, now they falter The ground beneath me crumbles I have never felt so...

  • Will We Make It Through?

    Will We Make It Through?

    8 years ago

    Outside looking in Where do I begin? Pretty picture painted Even though it’s tainted With secrets held and past regret Wondering how to just forget Promises made and none of them kept Should have looked before I leapt I loved you...

  • For Mom

    For Mom

    8 years ago

    There are countless ways you have helped me learn and grow. I could write an entire book of them all. Do you remember: When I was three, and I stole a pack of bubble gum from the grocery store? I was sitting in the back seat of your car trying...

  • Wanting, Wishing, Waiting

    Wanting, Wishing, Waiting

    8 years ago

    I condemn me for The things I said before Past regret won’t subside Questions tear me up inside Left to struggle and to tread In deep waters inside my head Grasping strings left unbroken Fearing words left unspoken ...

  • An Open Door

    An Open Door

    8 years ago

    The moon is high In the starlit sky All through the darkness Is an eerie calmness The world seems to slow As the wind starts to blow It is now that feel All the signs are real When the voices echo Imploring me to let go As clouds...

  • The Hourglass

    The Hourglass

    8 years ago

    Very much alive yet not living Restless, my soul drifts Lost in a sea of familiar Yet so foreign faces Of not so long ago Forlorn, I cling to the hourglass As the grains of sand trickle down Lost, never to be taken back again The...

  • Tales of a Partitioned Heart: Part II

    Tales of a Partitioned Heart: Part II

    8 years ago

    Highland and I were inseparable. Looking back, I think it’s because we were so different, yet we complimented each other so well. She was always the studious, quiet, and introvert one. She was aware of what others thought of her and was devoted to...

  • Tales of a Partitioned Heart

    Tales of a Partitioned Heart

    8 years ago

    I sit in front of my closet, take a deep breath, and start taking everything out. I’ve been meaning to do this for months now but finally have the time and energy to do it today. Underneath the piles of assorted clothing and purses, I stumble...

  • Will this be enough?

    Will this be enough?

    8 years ago

    The day the trumpet sounds When the world stops and the end comes Will my sins be forgiven? When my life ends And my bones are dust Will I be remembered? If I pray every night Confessing my sins Will this be enough for my own...

  • Eclectic thoughts of a never ending mind

    Eclectic thoughts of a never ending mind

    8 years ago

    Let's face it, sometimes things can get overwhelming. Maybe you're a single mother trying to provide for her children? Maybe you're teen who's trying to get through the every day stress of high school? We've all been there, that point when it just...


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