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I just like to write.... How many times has someone said that...? :)

I am always thrilled to get feedback on whatever I write, so please feel free to comment good or bad on anything you see. I appreciate your comments SO much! Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoy your "stay"...!

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  • Photos by Beth

    Photos by Beth

    19 months ago

    Photos make such great memories...

  • Let It Burn

    Let It Burn

    5 years ago

    Can a story from long ago be the key to the evil today?

  • Abbie and Reverend Arthur

    Abbie and Reverend Arthur

    5 years ago

    Abbie's life changes forever... and not by choice..

  • Be a Man, Alex...

    Be a Man, Alex...

    5 years ago

    Sometimes being a man isn't the easiest thing to do...

  • To Be Like Mike

    To Be Like Mike

    5 years ago

    Jamie wanted to be like Mike. His brother, who was older by five years was exactly who Jamie wanted to be. To Jamie, Mike got to do everything that was cool. Jamie even wished his name was Mike, it sounded so much more...

  • A Box Full of Pipe Dreams

    A Box Full of Pipe Dreams

    6 years ago

    “You have GOT to be kidding!!”, Kim silently cried under her breath. “Just how many more things will I find…”? She opened the last box one more time... There was the razor he used every day that she had...

  • My Kingdom for a Rose

    My Kingdom for a Rose

    6 years ago

    Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away…no wait…that’s not quite right. The kingdom was actually about a stone’s throw away from my backyard, well, at least the castle was anyway. In actuality, it was just...

  • Boycott the Bug

    Boycott the Bug

    5 years ago

    Is everyone doomed to be bitten at least once?

  • Abbie Counts Toilet Paper

    Abbie Counts Toilet Paper

    6 years ago

    The car wound its way up the long gravel road, and Abbie’s heart soared when she saw her grandma standing on the front porch of the small house in the distance. Oh how she loved that woman! It was finally Abbie’s...

  • Everyone Can't Be Emma

    Everyone Can't Be Emma

    6 years ago

    Emma wanted to be like Belli. She was certain that ONLY then would her life have meaning and purpose. Only then would she have the kind of friends that she longed for, pretty, handsome, popular and skilled at many...

  • To Be Like Belli

    To Be Like Belli

    6 years ago

    “Why do I have to be so ugly?” Emma thought to herself. Every time she looked in the mirror, all she saw was a pimply faced overweight and ugly fifteen year old girl. Oh sure, mom said she was “beautiful”.. But...

  • Abbie and The Attic

    Abbie and The Attic

    5 years ago

    Is an attic a punishment, or a place of refuge? You decide...