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I'm in my early 40's and am a mum to four grown up daughters. I have written on many subjects over the past few decades, under various different pen names mostly. Now I write predominaetly under the name billabongbob.

I have experience in many areas of life, from nursing to internet based businesses, distributions management to hospitality. I have been self employed for many years now and have an eclectic collection of career paths enforce.

I enjoy a challenge and usually have several on the go at any one time. Spending time with my family and friends is something I do as often as I can. My other interests include: cooking, books, movies, cross stitch, gardening, travel and socialising.

Writing at HubPages is a great experience and builds a passive income over time. If you would like to join the wonderful community at HubPages, get your work published and earn revenue from it, you will be most welcome. Find out more here... Write and get published at HubPages

I have recently launched a website with information on my writing profile. This is currenty a new site and will be added to and updated regularly. Visit billabongbob here....

There is also a blog at the billabongbob website which is updated weekly with new materials. Visit the billabongbob Blog here....

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      • Withdrawing earnings

        Withdrawing earnings

        3 years ago

        How do I withdraw earnings I have earned?. How do I get payment sent to my PayPal account??I would really appreciate your assistance please. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out.

      • I want your Hubs...........

        I want your Hubs...........

        6 years ago

        Hello Fellow Hubbers,One of the freelance jobs that I'm currently doing allows me to place appropriate links, as long as they are not directly to my own work.Rather than post links to random search results, I thought...

      • multipe usernames............

        multipe usernames............

        6 years ago

        Hi there Sandpit Mates and Randomers,Thought this might make for an interesting thread considering what hilarity sometimes goes on in here lol.I need to find a whole bunch of usernames to use for a job that I'm doing...

      • How has email affected your life?

        How has email affected your life?

        6 years ago

        I am doing some research for a Hub, and was wondering how fellow Hubbers feel about email?It's invention has brought about a massive change in the way we communicate. Some of us remember a time before it, other's have...

      • RealWritingJob.com


        5 years ago

        Has anyone had any experience with >>         www.realwritingjobs.com I've been considering it for a while, but was wondering if anyone here at HP has already joined?I look forward to...

      • HEN party help

        HEN party help

        6 years ago

        It's my daughters HEN party tonight and no on has arranged any games. Put your thinking caps on people............It looks like its up to me to make the night sparkle........

      • International Hubbers Meeting

        International Hubbers Meeting

        6 years ago

        Mixing with your peers is an important part of growing as an online publisher. In the age of the digital world, the ways in which people interact have changed, new ways have been added.Due to the nature of the type of...

      • Hubbers in Wales or there abouts??

        Hubbers in Wales or there abouts??

        6 years ago

        Any fellow hubbers in Wales, the Midlands or South West England? We can't be more than 2 hours drive away at the most......Any takers???

      • I think I made a mistake...

        I think I made a mistake...

        6 years ago

        I decided to add some amazon links to a few words in one of my hubs. These where meant to replace the amazon capsules that I had previously had running.I think I made a mistake by adding the links to the words before I...

      • Successful affiliate programs??

        Successful affiliate programs??

        6 years ago

        Apart from amazon and ebay, what affiliate programs have you run with great success?There are so very many out there, it can get overwhelming. What personal guidelines do you use when choosing if an affiliate program is...

      • Computer procrastination

        Computer procrastination

        6 years ago

        When you spend a lot of your time working online there are always distractions just waiting patiently for you.Whether it's playing games or social networking, they can become very addictive, taking you away from what...

      • Time spent on researching keywords and hub titles??

        Time spent on researching keywords and hub titles??

        6 years ago

        I was wondering how much time other Hubbers spend on doing research into keywords and the title of their article?From experience, I have found these 2 tasks essential in order to produce a successful Hub, or any other...

      • Quiz capsule success??

        Quiz capsule success??

        6 years ago

        Does anyone have much traffic going to any hubs that contain a quiz?Have you designed a quiz capsule that is high in traffic? Want to share it here?There doesn't seem to be very much information on the subject of HP...

      • Is anyone earning more than $100 a week from their writing?

        Is anyone earning more than $100 a week from their writing?

        5 years ago

        I was wondering if there are many writers earning more than $100 a week? Consistently.Some people just write for their own pleasure, but others write in order to earn money. There are different ways to get your work out...

      • Facebook: Pro's and con's.

        Facebook: Pro's and con's.

        6 years ago

        Facebook has now become globally massive. Everyone's experiences are different. What have your experiences of the worlds largest social network? Facebook facts:It has more than 750 million active users, 50% of active...

      • Chronic insomnia - anyone else not getting enough sleep??

        Chronic insomnia - anyone else not getting enough sleep??

        5 years ago

        I have been an insomniac all of my life.  Even as a young child I remember laying in bed night after night, trying to occupy my mind to starve off the crazies.It has stayed with me my whole life and I will probably...