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We are the last generation of humans on Earth!

There have been theists, atheists and agnostics for as long as we can remember. A theist believes that God exists. An atheist claims to know that God doesn't exist. And an agnostic argues that it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove the existence of God. What experiment can we run to prove God's presence?

Now we have the physicist. The physicist asks, "Does your hand exist because you believe in or know of its existence? If you refuse to believe, does your hand disappear?"

A genuine physicist does not believe in or try to prove the existence of THIS chair. A genuine physicist defines the word 'exist' and then uses the term consistently to explain a theory rationally to another human being.

Since the dawn of civilization, the philosophers and mathematicians have failed to understand the Scientific Method. As a result of the unwarranted emphasis on experiment and proof, the 'scientific' establishment has forgotten about the purpose of Science, which is to explain natural phenomena. The mainstream has arrived at and believes in the most amusing conclusions, which easily surpass in magic and irrationality those proposed by traditional religion by any measure:

* Light is BOTH a wave AND a stream of particles, an unimaginable mathematical concoction known as a wave-packet.

* An atom consists of one discrete particle orbiting another without cause or reason.

* Space is warped and that explains why Mercury doesn’t fly out of the Solar System.

* The Universe self-created from an explosion of nothing.

* Technology will enable Man to live forever.

There is a new paradigm emerging. It challenges the ridiculous explanations the mathematical establishment offers for how Mother Nature runs her shop. That's what the articles in this site are about.


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