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  • A Conversation with Grief

    A Conversation with Grief

    8 years ago

    A personal account of the profound impact of grief on a person throughout the stages of life.

  • Fall TV: My Reviews

    Fall TV: My Reviews

    10 years ago

    Here is my take on some of the shows people are talking about this fall. Warning, this is a heavily opinionated hub!

  • Raising Problem-Solving Kids

    Raising Problem-Solving Kids

    10 years ago

    Today's children have a better array of problem solving tools than ever before. So why aren't we raising kids to do more for themselves? B.L. Bierley gives her take on the subject.

  • West End Grill: Huntsville's Business Lunch Hot-Spot!

    West End Grill: Huntsville's Business Lunch Hot-Spot!

    11 years ago

    While not a restaurateur, author B.L. Bierley is a fan of good food. Read on to get her take on some of the best eateries and restaurants Huntsville, Alabama has to offer.

  • Ways to Combat Writer's Block

    Ways to Combat Writer's Block

    11 years ago

    What do you do when the words just won't come? Writer B.L. Bierley explores some tips to finding a lost voice when writing is your profession. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.

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    Be an Old-Style Redneck

    11 years ago

    Being a redneck is not just about driving a truck or speaking with a drawl like many people imagine these days. In this essay, B.L. Bierley provides an account of what being a redneck used to mean!

  • My Review of Rise of the Guardians

    My Review of Rise of the Guardians

    11 years ago

    B.L. Bierley gives her opinion and review of this film which transcends it's holiday packaging and works for any holiday as a cherished children's movie. Rise of the Guardians is more than it seems.

  • Guess Who's on the Web?

    Guess Who's on the Web?

    11 years ago

    After a year of debating and general hem-hawing, B.L. Bierley finally has her website up and running! This article tells of it's creation and inception!

  • The Death of Racism: An Essay

    The Death of Racism: An Essay

    11 years ago

    In this essay, author B.L. Bierley shares the story of how her grandmother's descent into dementia changed an old woman's views on the differences of race.

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    The Lost Art of Writing a Letter

    11 years ago

    How often do you receive a personal letter these days that you know is just for you? B.L. Bierley remembers the lost art of writing a personal letter in this essay about a dying social practice.

  • Technology Hurdles

    Technology Hurdles

    11 years ago

    How do you teach someone to use the telephone? It should be an easy enough skill, but sometimes it's like introducing aliens to human emotion for the first time. Read on to see how one woman and her youngest child tackle the seemingly innocuous task of talking on the phone.

  • Remembering at Christmas

    Remembering at Christmas

    11 years ago

    Christmas is a time of remembrance. B. L. Bierley takes you back to some of her most cherished memories in this mini-memoir: Remembering at Christmas.

  • Communism in the Southern United States

    Communism in the Southern United States

    11 years ago

    Are communists operating in the United States of America? One author challenges the idea with some observations of her home state. Whether you are highly opinionated or anti-political, do you know how your state stands on the separation of church and state? B.L. Bierley offers up her unvarnished...

  • Why I Can't Give Thanks for Mondays

    Why I Can't Give Thanks for Mondays

    11 years ago

    Hurricane Sandy's recent path of destruction brings to mind all that we are thankful for this coming Thanksgiving. This is a faithful narrative of one author's own past dealing with damaging storms, tragedies and the idea of what we still have to be thankful for when Mother Nature robs us of things...

  • Small-Town Halloween

    Small-Town Halloween

    11 years ago

    Halloween in a small town is not like you find in larger, more metropolitan areas. Rural locations make trick-or-treating a chore. B. L. Bierley shares some of her memories of her favorite holiday growing up in Small-Town, Alabama.

  • The Bad Girls of Chawton, Jane Austen Style!

    The Bad Girls of Chawton, Jane Austen Style!

    11 years ago

    Like reality television? Of course you do. And why shouldn't you? The reality of people is most entertaining. And who'd have thought a woman from the Late 18th/Early 19th Century would have a handle on reality as well? Jane Auston revolutionized characterization that reflected real life in a way...

  • Open and Honest Reviews: How to Give and Receive Them!

    Open and Honest Reviews: How to Give and Receive Them!

    11 years ago

    Many people write reviews every day. However, just because you write a review doesn't mean the review is taken seriously. Positive or negative, there are things you should consider when formulating a review of a book, product or show. B.L. Bierley gives her guidelines for writing an open and honest...

  • Granny's Superstitions

    Granny's Superstitions

    11 years ago

    What Southern Family doesn't have a little superstition? B.L. Bierley shares some of her home-grown wisdom passed down through the generations.

  • Who is B.L. Bierley?

    Who is B.L. Bierley?

    11 years ago

    After a recent mention on a national radio talk show, B. L. Bierley is offering her take on the mystery of her nom de plume. Read on to find out why she uses a penname and how in the world you pronounce it!

  • “Martha Marcy May Marlene” A Review

    “Martha Marcy May Marlene” A Review

    11 years ago

    "Martha Marcy May Marlene" is an interesting voyage into the aftermath of someone who has fallen victim to a cult mentality. Written and directed by Sean Durkin, this film delves deeply into the heart of what happens after the person escapes. But are they ever truly free of the nightmares? B. L....

  • Fanaticism


    11 years ago

    College Football isn't a sport, it's war! If you've ever been to Alabama during the months of September through December, you are probably aware of the intense, often times even violent rivalry that exists there between the state's two largest universities. Here is B. L. Bierley giving a little...

  • The Perils of Being Short

    The Perils of Being Short

    11 years ago

    Growing up is difficult for most people. It's an added challenge to children and adolescents who are shorter than average. Here is a humorous take on the difficulties of being a short individual.

  • Waking Up Old

    Waking Up Old

    11 years ago

    Let's face it, it sucks to get old. Here's a peek at what happens when the war between youth and age strikes. A humorous take on how we deal with the differences that come upon us when we're not looking and where we can still fight back!

  • My Beef with the Olympic Media Coverage

    My Beef with the Olympic Media Coverage

    11 years ago

    The Hounding Media is not for the faint of heart. B. L. Bierley takes a look into the type of interviews and controversies some are calling news and giving her take on this less-palatable look at the Summer Olympics of 2012 London.

  • What Are You Reading?

    What Are You Reading?

    11 years ago

    Looking for a good book to read? Here is a list from writer B. L. Bierley that offers something for everyone!

  • My Fine Line between Grief and Remembrance

    My Fine Line between Grief and Remembrance

    11 years ago

    B. L. Bierley is a writer. In this piece she shares a little insight on dealing with grief and remembrance.

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    "Magic Mike": a Movie Review

    11 years ago

    "Magic Mike" is a recently released movie that has more to offer its audience than what the trailer advertises. The film is more about reality than fantasy in the life of a male stripper. Is it worth all the hype? Read B. L. Bierley's review and find out. Warning: there are spoilers!

  • Driving Me Crazy: A View From the Passenger's Seat

    Driving Me Crazy: A View From the Passenger's Seat

    11 years ago

    Get out of the way, teenaged drivers are hitting the road every day. Here's a few tips from a mom with a newly permitted teenaged daughter.

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    "Shame": A Movie Review from a Regular Gal

    11 years ago

    The movie "Shame" by Steve McQueen is a gripping and accurate picture of addiction. The subject of sexual addiction is even more intriguing because of its ever-present existence in the addict's everyday life. This is a review of that film.

  • How Do You Pick Your Movies?

    How Do You Pick Your Movies?

    11 years ago

    Just because a movie doesn't score blockbuster status doesn't make it a bad film. Here is one author's take on the subject of movie selection.

  • What's Ailing You?

    What's Ailing You?

    11 years ago

    A tongue-in-cheek look at some new syndromes out there in contemporary society! Check it out to see if you suffer from any of the odd new disorders!

  • Who's Your Literary Role Model?

    Who's Your Literary Role Model?

    11 years ago

    What sort of role models are we presenting in contemporary Young Adult fiction? The comparison between the classic literary heroines and today's heroines might surprise you.

  • Yoga for the Unenlightened

    Yoga for the Unenlightened

    11 years ago

    When choosing an exercise regimen, always choose wisely. Read on to hear one woman's humorous experience with Yoga and the perils of being prepared when choosing a seemingly simple exercise routine!

  • My Love Affair: A Married Woman's Willing Confession

    My Love Affair: A Married Woman's Willing Confession

    11 years ago

    At some point in our lives we're tempted to break out of our routine and go with something new. Here's how one woman copes with a new love in her life!

  • Five Good Reasons to Take a Walk!

    Five Good Reasons to Take a Walk!

    11 years ago

    Walking is an exercise that has many benefits. Even for the reluctant exercise subject, walking can provide many things besides just exercise!

  • Where Shopping is a Pleasure!

    Where Shopping is a Pleasure!

    11 years ago

    Grocery shopping is not a high-ranking activity for many of us. One blogger tries to make the process a little less painful!

  • What's On TV: One Family's Struggle

    What's On TV: One Family's Struggle

    11 years ago

    Family Television viewing often means disagreements between family members. B in Blogs takes you inside her family for a look at family television viewing habits. Whether you agree with her or not, check out her blog!

  • What's That Noise?

    What's That Noise?

    11 years ago

    Music is universal-- or is it? In this blog, writing-addict Cathy tells her side of the story.

  • Give Green Plums a Chance

    Give Green Plums a Chance

    11 years ago

    Little known fact: unripened plums are delicious! Find out how one woman is making a plea to farmers to support the sale of this little tangy fruit!

  • See Mom Blog

    See Mom Blog

    11 years ago

    Cathy (not her real name) is a writing addict. In this, her introductory blog, she brings a bit of humor to her readers by comparing her family to cartoon characters. Be sure to check out this one!


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