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Hello everyone,

Just to tell a little about myself, I'm a new mommy to a very hyper babygirl, she's going on 17 months and is quite a handful! She's got the craziest personality and makes me smile every day. I love my family and am happy with my life.

I love to write but haven't the past couple of years. I figured this would be a great place for me to start again and relieve that everyday life stress.

I don't mean to offend anyone by anything I write so please don't take offense. Everything I write is either my own personal experiences or simply my opinion. I'm always open to feedback. I hope you enjoy what I write and let me know if you should have any suggestions. Thank you!

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  • Ojibwe Naming Ceremony

    Ojibwe Naming Ceremony

    5 years ago

    I come from a pretty diverse background. My father is mostly Ojibwe but has some French in him. As does many Ojibwe considering our history with the French. My mother is mostly Danish but has some other European...