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I was raised on a little island off the coast of northwestern Washington, and now live in the glorious city of Eugene, Oregon. I'm missing the Pacific, but loving my new home!

Whether I'm on 15 acres on a gorgeous evergreen island or in the middle of a bustling city, I am all about the do-it-yourself spirit, and my upbringing gave me a ton of tools for creating a unique home while saving money. I'll be writing a lot about wildcrafting, mending, repurposing, gardening, cooking, and making your own everything. I'm also a musician, and some love letters to my favorite composers might find their way in here.

I'll also doubtlessly be writing about psychology, economics and neuroscience, because I majored in psych, minored in econ and am hoping to go to grad school for neuro. Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings :)

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