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Iam one of the hallowed gathering of what today is called the category of the so called 'older educated unemployed'. Which means that I have been brought up to think that I would have a good life, if I behaved, got good grades, didn't fool about too much with the opposite sex and pretty much did what I was told. The point is, that I did do all that. And despite all that I ended up flat on my face in this elite company of people that are incapable of doing what they are told. That is, if they do not have their own say in the matter.

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  • Rabindrasangeet and the Seasons

    Rabindrasangeet and the Seasons

    8 months ago

    Rabindrasangeet is very attuned to the different seasons.There are six seasons in India. According to Hindu Bengali tradition, the year starts around the 15th of April, with summer. This continues for two months when it...

  • Rabindrasangeet in Bengali cinema- my personal favourites

    Rabindrasangeet in Bengali cinema- my personal favourites

    6 years ago

    Rabindranath Tagore is one who is indelibly linked with every Indian worth his/her name. Every child in India knows about Tagore when s/he learns to sing the National Anthem. No less is the inspiration received by...