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I work in sales, live alone (not even a pet) and don't love my life but I don't hate it either. I recently saw a trailer for a tv series called "Samantha Who" it's about a woman who has amnesia and discovers that she wasn't too nice before her loss of memory. It got me thinking.... would I be happy with my achievements if I woke up with no memory and had to be introduced to my lot in life? I'm not sure I would be... so, I decided to change that and one of the things I always wanted to do was write. That's what brought me here, I hope to soon be in love with my life x

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  • Single life in your late 30's

    Single life in your late 30's

    8 years ago

    This is my first Hub!! It was suggested, that I write about something I know about. Well, being single is certainly something I know lots about, having been that for most of my 30's. I have a birthday coming up in a few...