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i am tushar suresh bhatt, a social engineer and socio- spiritual designer.

i have studied well the encient indian literature, culture and tried to understand the meaning of the same. i am a palmist, primitive astrologer and a reiki healer. since have ample of worldly and mistique experiances, joining these hub pages to share them with my bretherns.

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  • shortcut to read your horoscope-2

    shortcut to read your horoscope-2

    8 years ago

    > Here above we have seen the reading of each planate in all the twelve houses. But now we know that, the houses, their zodiacs and their lord stars also have high significance in reading a horoscope. Therefore it is...

  • shuortcut to read your horoscope- continue

    shuortcut to read your horoscope- continue

    8 years ago

    As said in the preface, the sky is circular and surrounding the earth. From one horizon to other horizon it makes half circle. Considering one rotation of the earth around the sun within 365 days the circle is divided...