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Bonfire Designs profile image

Bonfire Designs

Joined 4 years ago




Also follow me on:

Thank you for visiting Bonfire Designs Personalized Gifts. We have been professionally designing gifts, t-shirts, home decor and jewelry for holidays and special occasions since 2007 and we are very proud of our large and growing selection of products for you, your family and friends.We work with many different vendors who offer fun and quality products such as t-shirts, coffee and travel mugs, personalized tote bags, mousepads and our great selection of posters, prints and art. Browse our lines of necklaces, watches, key rings and business card holders for that someone special in your life.Bonfire Designs main online store for holidays gifts, birthday presents, new baby shower favors and weddings is located at: Personalized Gifts For Holidays and Special Occasions and we hope you will bookmark us and browse often because we are always adding new products and designs, updating our specials and bringing you a personal selection of party time fun all year round.

Bonfire Designs is created by a firefighter and we initially started our stores with creative and unique gifts for firefighters including clocks, poster arts, t-shirts and sweats as well as firefighter theme watches and collectibles. We expanded our career and occupation gifts to include EMS, EMT and Paramedic gifts for our Fire Rescue fans, Teacher and Coaches theme presents, Police Officer and Law Enforcement gifts and apparel and our best selling and always growing selection of gifts for nurses. We feature all nurses with a heavy emphasis on great products for RN's, LPN's, Student Nurses and even some great shirts, ties and gifts for Male Nurses. Our stores have tripled in popularity and our personalized gift shops now offer great ideas for weddings including tote bags, hoodies and gifts for the Bride and the Bridal party.

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  • How To Cook Pork Roll

    How To Cook Pork Roll

    8 months ago

    Pork Roll is super delicious and knowing how to cook pork roll in a skillet or frying pan the easy way will make it an even more delicious addition to your favorite easy recipes.

  • What Is Mod Podge?

    What Is Mod Podge?

    4 years ago

    What the heck is Mod Podge I wondered again and again. I keep reading about it whenever I Pin something wonderful on Pinterest and the DIY blog says "apply Mod Podge".... From arts and crafts to home decor and yes even, furniture renovation that is...

  • DIY Photo Frame Love

    DIY Photo Frame Love

    4 years ago

    DIY Photo Frame Love Photo frames big and small, wood and decorative. Some with no photos, some old or just not used any more. Picture this, I can’t make myself ever throw most of them away. I’m always sure I can recycle them some day with...

  • Chocolate Strawberry Cookie SMores

    Chocolate Strawberry Cookie SMores

    4 years ago

    Chocolate strawberry cookie smores recipe sounds like a mouthful and it is, not only to say but it is one delicious mouthful of taste all wrapped up in a cupcake liner. Imagine Oreo Cookies on the bottom, strawberries dipped in chocolate, your...

  • DIY Water Snow Globes

    DIY Water Snow Globes

    3 years ago

    DIY photo snow globes may not be fancy but definitely will have a special place in your heart because personalized gifts and the memories shared making them together are what make them so unique.

  • DIY  Do It Yourself Basics

    DIY Do It Yourself Basics

    4 years ago

    DIY Do It Yourself Design for projects big and small always starts with great planning. Write some notes, draw some pictures, take some great photos and do a little research. Well OK, do a lot of research! Start at the end - have a great...

  • I'm the

    I'm the "DIY Designer" Contributor On Squidoo

    4 years ago

    DIY stands for Do It Yourself and I love designing and decorating for my home, family and life. From projects big and small including everything from repairing walls to adding small touches of glamour to old furniture and accessories, there is...

  • Organizing Songs in iTunes Playlists

    Organizing Songs in iTunes Playlists

    4 years ago

    iTunes Playlist Songs Organizing songs in your iTunes Playlists Have you ever wished your songs were in a different order in your iTunes playlist? I don't always mind what order my songs play in, sometimes really using the "shuffle songs"...

  • Sprinkle Pancakes

    Sprinkle Pancakes

    4 years ago

    Sprinkle Pancakes Sprinkle Pancakes are the perfect way to start your day but they aren't just for breakfast any more. The best part of sprinkle pancakes are the smiles you share with family when you enjoy them together. They are easy,...

  • Photo Magic Memories With Sony WX80 Digital Camera

    Photo Magic Memories With Sony WX80 Digital Camera

    2 years ago

    Photographs from the beginning of the earliest cameras are an amazing miracle, able to catch a second, a moment in time, a view, an expression and a time that can be shared and enjoyed not only from the heart and mind, but in a snapshot, a computer, a smartphone app and that moment can live on for...

  • Bacon and Collard Greens

    Bacon and Collard Greens

    3 years ago

    Bacon is one of my favorite foods and I love using bacon as an ingredient in recipes, as a base for sauteeing and frying other foods and as a wonderful seasoning for main dishes and favorite entrees as well as in my side dishes.

  • Cake Sprinkles Decorating

    Cake Sprinkles Decorating

    5 years ago

    Cakes and sprinkles are perfect together. With all the beautiful cake decorating out there flowers and writing and photos and toppings, my favorite is still sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, pink and white and specialty color...

  • Jersey Shore Beaches

    Jersey Shore Beaches

    5 years ago

    The Jersey Shore is the best beach in the world I heard! Growing up in New York as a kid you were really lucky if you got to say "We went to the Jersey Shore on vacation". I wasn't sure where that was, but it sounded great. The water is so clear and...

  • Chocolate Passover Gifts

    Chocolate Passover Gifts

    3 years ago

    Passover is a wonderful Jewish holiday steeped in the tradition of story telling, love and family. It is a reminder of a heritage who's roots are both bitter and sweet and the Passover Seder is the gathering of friends and family to remember the past

  • Squirrel Family Tales

    Squirrel Family Tales

    3 years ago

    Apparently squirrels do run in our family. Sounds pretty silly I guess, I mean we aren't really related to them and yet no matter where we live, or how far we move we have two friendly squirrels greeting us at the door.

  • Salad Sandwich Delight

    Salad Sandwich Delight

    5 years ago

    Lunch time is rolling around and you just can't decide whether to have a salad or a sandwich or both. Then you have decide what you want on your sandwich, or maybe your refrigerator is just not stocked with anything that interesting. A salad might...

  • Firefighter For Life

    Firefighter For Life

    5 years ago

    A firefighter is a symbol everywhere of trust, honor, dedication and hope. Firefighters are brave and strong. Work hard, train even harder and are there for you when you need them. Beyond the fire, the sirens and lights, beyond the compassion in the...

  • Epson Printer Perfection

    Epson Printer Perfection

    4 years ago

    The day had come. Oh I tried to put it off. I tried to fix it, work without it, hope the problem would go away. But no. My printer, copier, scanner just wasn't working any more. The dreaded time for a new printer had arrived. I am no IT guy. I can...

  • Banana Bread Cake

    Banana Bread Cake

    5 years ago

    If you love banana bread and you love cake and you are looking for just the right combination then I just have to share my recipe with you. It's quick. It's easy. It's elegant enough to serve to guests and cozy just right for a family to enjoy. I...

  • Gifts Of Love For Guys

    Gifts Of Love For Guys

    3 years ago

    Guys always get the rap for having to be the macho man. You know, too tough to cry or act silly. Gotta be the bread winner, the boss and the logical one in the family.

  • Tea Party Stars

    Tea Party Stars

    3 years ago

    Parties are wonderful whether they are big or small they are always a celebration of something that is a shining star in your life. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, wedding and baby showers and love to share the fun of family holidays.

  • Christmas Hanukkah Interfaith Family Holidays

    Christmas Hanukkah Interfaith Family Holidays

    3 years ago

    Christmas and Hanukkah are both beautiful holidays bringing together family and friends, dinners and parties, rejoicing and faith.

  • Cats Cats Cats

    Cats Cats Cats

    5 years ago

    My cats run the house. Really they are the bosses. They have us very well trained. We have learned to pet on demand, feed and give them plenty of water in the particular bowls that they love. We change their litter daily so as not to offend them. ...

  • Firefighters And Fire Prevention

    Firefighters And Fire Prevention

    5 years ago

    Firefighters not only spend hundreds of hours during their careers training and practicing and training some more, answering emergency calls day and night whether there is a home on fire, a motor vehicle accident or a false alarm to investigate and...

  • Kindle Fire Ebook Readers

    Kindle Fire Ebook Readers

    3 years ago

    Kindle Fire e-readers are everywhere. My grown daughters have them. Friends and neighbors are getting them. I just didn't understand. What's so great about reading a book on a computer screen I wondered.

  • Halloween Party By Firefighters

    Halloween Party By Firefighters

    4 years ago

    The Halloween Party at the fire house is all about Firefighters celebrating Halloween with all the members of their community. Welcoming babies, kids of all ages and their grown ups to an unbelievable few hours packed with costumes, candy, hot dogs...

  • Halloween Cookie Treats

    Halloween Cookie Treats

    3 years ago

    Halloween cookies dipped in chocolate, rolled in sprinkles, garnished with Halloween candy and made with loving straight oven!

  • Halloween On The Flip Side

    Halloween On The Flip Side

    3 years ago

    Happy Halloween to everyone who loves the beauty of the season, the uplifting spirits of friendly ghosts and adorable witches and cupcakes filled with sprinkles of fun and happy children.

  • Cake Heaven Delight

    Cake Heaven Delight

    3 years ago

    This cake is heaven on earth and best of all you decide how to create it. Have you ever had that craving for something wonderful, decadent, out of the ordinary but you just can't decide hmmm.....

  • Halloween Treat Decorations

    Halloween Treat Decorations

    3 years ago

    Halloween is all about the treats. Forget the tricks I'm a softy at heart, I just love the fun and spirit of Halloween.

  • Cooking Skillet Style

    Cooking Skillet Style

    3 years ago

    Skillet cooking is one of my favorite ways of preparing a meal. Choosing the right frying pan or skillet is what it is all about. I love food that is quick to cook, I want it to come out juicy

  • Firefighters In The Flames

    Firefighters In The Flames

    2 years ago

    Firefighter Photos Catching A Moment

  • Christmas Holidays Seasons Greetings

    Christmas Holidays Seasons Greetings

    3 years ago

    Christmas holidays just bring out the cheer in everyone. It's not just the Christmas trees, the holiday greeting cards and wonderful Christmas gifts delivered by Santa Claus, Rudolph and the's the smile

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

    Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

    5 years ago

    A grilled cheese sandwich is perfect for lunch, dinner, breakfast and even for your snack craving any time of day. Sandwiches packed with melty cheeses and your favorite add on's are so easy to make and they can be simple and down to earth, gourmet...

  • Vanilla Is Like Me

    Vanilla Is Like Me

    5 years ago

    I love vanilla. Vanilla is a scent, an essence, a spice, a flavor, a flower, a bean. You can wear it, admire it or taste. It has so many delectable shapes and forms and appeals to all of our basic instincts. Vanilla is like holidays. Vanilla is like...

  • Hard Boiled Egg Magic

    Hard Boiled Egg Magic

    3 years ago

    I love hard boiled eggs! I love them plain. I love them stuffed with egg goodness mashed and mixed with mayonnaise and some seasoning.

  • Wedding Planning Can Be Fun

    Wedding Planning Can Be Fun

    3 years ago

    Some weddings are to coordinated months if not years in advance of the big day and it seems as though you have lots of time until the Brides and Grooms and their families really get going on the millions of decisions that have to be made.

  • Cupcakes: The Sweet Treat We Love

    Cupcakes: The Sweet Treat We Love

    3 years ago

    The sweetest way to cook up "I Love You" is baking up a batch of fresh, delicious, soft and moist cupcakes surrounded by a liner or wrapper that's just perfect for every occasion.

  • Great Gifts For Firefighters

    Great Gifts For Firefighters

    3 years ago

    There are some great gifts for firefighters that not only reflect the pride a fireman or female firefighter has for their job, but also shows them that you appreciate the importance of their career too.

  • Firefighter Kids:  The Fire Dept Bond

    Firefighter Kids: The Fire Dept Bond

    3 years ago

    Firefighter kids are the children of firemen and female firefighters for generations of fire dept families that have grown up in firehouses, played on the fire truck bumper and know the fire pager tones better than they know Dora the Explorer.

  • Firefighter Family Gifts Of Love

    Firefighter Family Gifts Of Love

    3 years ago

    A firefighter's family including their wives, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, girlfriends and boyfriends are as much a part of the firefighter brotherhood as the firemen

  • To President Barack Obama

    To President Barack Obama

    8 months ago

    Dear President Obama, You don't know me and probably will never read this but I wanted to share some of my thoughts about life in the greatest nation in the world. The United States of America, my country, your country. I didn't vote for you in...

  • Diets, Weight Loss And Food For Life

    Diets, Weight Loss And Food For Life

    4 years ago

    This is not one of the usual articles about weight loss, why you need a diet, how to live your life healthier and fitter and recommending how many servings of vegetables and fruits you should have a day. I could give you all the book advice about...

  • Wedding Party Favors

    Wedding Party Favors

    3 years ago

    The wedding party starts with the Bride and Groom but involves a whole host of people no matter what size wedding you are planning!

  • Halloween Treats

    Halloween Treats

    3 years ago

    Holiday gifts, photos, smells, music and fun has always made me smile! Halloween candy, trick or treating with friends and fun for kids all day long.

  • Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers and Coffee Gifts For The Holidays

    Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers and Coffee Gifts For The Holidays

    3 years ago

    Keurig coffee makers are great gift ideas and my Keurig single serve roaster is the second most favorite of all the gifts I have ever received! My favorite present of all is the lap top I'm writing this on but my cup of coffee is sitting right next...

  • Cats, Kittens and Gifts For Cat Lovers

    Cats, Kittens and Gifts For Cat Lovers

    3 years ago

    Cats are amazing, loving and magical because their gifts are love, loyalty and devotion that warms your heart. When you adopt a kitten and give it your heart, they end up adopting you

  • To My Mom With Love. Always.

    To My Mom With Love. Always.

    5 years ago

    Welcome to my Granddaughter Kaitlyn Paige. Welcome to the world, to our lives, to our family. Born just a day and a half ago and already you have filled our lives with so much joy and so much love. Your beautiful mother who is my beautiful daughter...

  • EMT Gifts of Care and EMS

    EMT Gifts of Care and EMS

    3 years ago

    An emergency medical technician (EMT) is a trained professional who responds to emergency medical situations, car accidents, fires, and injuries occurring in homes or workplaces. Many assume that an EMT is a paramedic, but this is not the case. Firefighters and police are not necessarily EMT's, but...

  • Valentine's Day: More Love It or Hate It!

    Valentine's Day: More Love It or Hate It!

    3 years ago

    Love to get Valentine's Day gifts like chocolates in heart shaped boxes, flowers from your husband or boyfriend? Who can hate Valentine's Day and sweet candy hearts with the cute little messages?

  • Firefighter Gifts: The Brotherhood Bond

    Firefighter Gifts: The Brotherhood Bond

    3 years ago

    Becoming a firefighter is not just about the Fire Academy Firefighter I program. It's more than just the countless hours of training, demanding physical labor and sleepless nights. It is about the flames, destruction and unknown. And it is about going through it with the guys on your line.