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I am an avid advocate for human capital; I believe that passion is what drives us all into doing what we do. If you don’t have passion for what you do, you are wasting your life away. Discover what you are passionate about and live it.

I am a passionate student of life who is highly conscious of the world I live in, I continue expressing my passion through writing and speaking. My life philosophy is, “everyone has a signed and sealed story waiting to be delivered, deliver yours.”

Much of the first part of my life (the first 25 years) I have been sleepwalking in life, but I guess it was all part of the ingredients of my story, since I connected with my purpose in life things have changed as I live and act in accordance my purpose in life.

I was just like the rest, doing the ordinary things in this world like attending school with the hope of securing a job afterwards but something happened in that process. All of a sudden when I was in my 2nd year at varsity busy with accounting and finance there was a huge void within, I did not know how to fill it. All of a sudden when I cast my eyes just 2 years ahead I couldn't see myself doing what I was studying, it was the most frustrating time of my life.

All along I had told myself I would be an accountant of some sort but when this confusion interrupted all that it was clear the Creator had another ideas for me and as a result I began searching my soul as to what it is exactly that he has in store for me in this life, and as he says, "...you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you..."

And he revealed his true purpose for my life and since then writing has been a solace for me, I write about human capital (purpose, passion, potential, personal gift, personal leadership, vision and destiny), and things like religion and I like true form of capitalism designed by the Creator. It's all about tapping into the greatest wealth on earth, the human capital.

I am here to share my story and my message with my fellow writers and all those who will be reading here.

I am no longer under the spell of religion, religion kept me captive for so long, I am so relieved I found my way to the kingdom of God where prejudice has no place.

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  • The Purpose of King Jesus Christ

    The Purpose of King Jesus Christ

    3 years ago

    One man who has been misunderstood in history is none other than the Nazarene named Jesus Christ. This has led to many not enjoying what he brought on earth because they did not understand his purpose