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Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey

Joined 10 years ago from United States




Also follow me on:

Bonnie is 56 years old and resides in New Albany, MS with her husband, Daniel. They have been married 23 years, have 2 grown daughters and 6 grandchildren. She enjoys fishing, karaoke parties, helping others and spending time with family.

She is a writer of poetry, short stories, articles,songs and has written one play. She was selected to be listed in the 2007 Biltmore's Who's Who Among Executive and Professionals. She is a business owner, marketing legal protection plans to families, specializing in Commercial Drivers plans as well as employee benefits and small business protection plans.

Bonnie's company offers plans to protect and empower people through prepaid legal and identity theft plans. Her company's business opportunity has extensive coaching and company support. You can read more about the business opportunity at the website link below.

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  • Authentic Southern Style Cookin':  Mississippi Favorites You Just Can't Get Anywhere Else

    Authentic Southern Style Cookin': Mississippi Favorites You Just Can't Get Anywhere Else

    20 months ago

    Ahhh, the wonderful childhood memories of summers at Grandma's house, being awakened to the smell of farm fresh eggs, country ham, red-eye gravy, grits, piping hot biscuits filled with home made butter, coffee perking on the stove and farm fresh...

  • What Tickles Your Funny Bone?

    What Tickles Your Funny Bone?

    5 months ago

    There are many different uses for the phrase "funny bone". Normally, when someone speaks of the funny bone, we tend to think of the medical aspect of it. The funny bone, medically known as the ulnar nerve, runs down the length of the arm into the...

  • Music and the Cherokee Indians

    Music and the Cherokee Indians

    9 years ago

    The music of the Native Americans is as vast and diverse as those who create it. Each tribe has its own musical approach and style that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is the center of Native American culture and is used in...

  • The Cherokee Stomp Dance

    The Cherokee Stomp Dance

    9 years ago

    The fire is very sacred to traditional Cherokee. Built at the bottom of a pit below the ground, it burns constantly. The traditional Cherokee believe that soon after the creation of the Cherokee people, the creator left his throne in Heaven to visit...

  • The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

    The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

    6 months ago

    There are 7 clans of the Cherokee Indian. Learn about each of them in this article.

  • Sequoyah and the Cherokee Language

    Sequoyah and the Cherokee Language

    9 years ago

    The Cherokee alphabet is called a "syllabary". It is said to have been created by a Cherokee named Sequoyah, American name John Gist or Guess and presented to the Cherokee people in 1821. There were 86 symbols in the original syllabary. The original...

  • Famous Cherokee Women

    Famous Cherokee Women

    9 years ago

    Credit for the invention of agriculture has been said to belong to Cherokee women. It is said that they discovered agriculture from the tiny sprouts of corn (known in earlier times as maize) that came forth from the seeds that they dropped near...

  • History of the Trail of Tears Removal of the Cherokee

    History of the Trail of Tears Removal of the Cherokee

    5 months ago

    In 1832, to solidify their claim to Cherokee land, the state of Georgia held two land lotteries that divided the Cherokee Nation into 160 acre lots. They gave these lots to any Georgian who had four dollars in their pocket and won a chance to buy...

  • History of the Cherokee Indians

    History of the Cherokee Indians

    18 months ago

    Cherokee: Properly spelled Tsalagi by the Cherokee The Cherokee sometimes call themselves Ani-Kituhwagi, meaning the people of Kituhwah. Kituhwah was an ancient city near Bryson City, North Carolina, which was the nucleus of the Cherokee Nation....

  • How Sufficient Is Your B-12 Level?

    How Sufficient Is Your B-12 Level?

    9 years ago

    Many of us have always known that B-12 vitamins were good energy vitamins but do you really know just how important B-12 is to your bodily functions? Well, I didn't have a clue until I became totally disabled, having no clue as to what was happening...

  • Why Can't Dogs Eat Chocolate?

    Why Can't Dogs Eat Chocolate?

    2 years ago

    Text added to original photo. MattysFlicks via Flickr Chocolate is severely toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine. This is a stimulant that affects the nervous system and heart muscle, as well as increasing the frequency of urination. ...

  • Criminologists- A Profile of a Real Life Profiler

    Criminologists- A Profile of a Real Life Profiler

    9 years ago

    Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman If any of you watch TruTV (formerly CourtTV) then you are probably familiar with criminal profiler, Dayle Hinman from her weekly show called Body of Evidence. This is a show that reviews real life cases from the files...