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A Canadian who likes to write about stuff.

Writing is painting pictures with words.

Use the wrong colours or just too many, then all you do is create mud.

He likes to think that he can write about most anything and will try to address a lot of topics that show up in the Answers menu (seems that HubPages needs to change the name of the category every few months).

His approach is writing simple and interesting articles that can be helpful, understandable and fun. Humour never hurts. Everyone is welcome to his opinion. You may even refer to the style as instructional humour.

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  • Remembering The Gogue Inn

    Remembering The Gogue Inn

    7 years ago

    Being president of the student council at George Harvey only meant that I got the letter that the Gogue Inn sent to every Toronto area high school seeking a school ambassador for this about-to-open club in...

  • Remembering the Toronto Sound

    Remembering the Toronto Sound

    4 years ago

    The late 1960's was a unique time for music in and around the city of Toronto, Ontario. This story is from the perspective of just one individual that grew up in that time. Some of the actual players add their comments...

  • Technology & The 5 Human Senses

    Technology & The 5 Human Senses

    4 years ago

    Technology is moving towards emulating the 5 human senses but it still has only scratched the surface of human capabilities. But it should be understood that human beings drive that technology and they will ultimately...

  • What can we do as individuals  to help the economy?

    What can we do as individuals to help the economy?

    5 years ago

    Consumer spending on locally or nationally produced products or services is just one way the average person can have a direct impact on a local economy.