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Hello, I am Bradley McDonald and my magickal name is Veneficus Cormag, I am 24 years old, and I consider myself (and have been called many times before accepting the title) to be a wizard. I am gay and have been out to my friends and family since I was 13. I am not only a wizard, but I’m also a musician. I love everything about music. My main instrument is voice, but I also play the piano.

I have been studying witchcraft for 16 years and practicing for 11 years. I was introduced to witchcraft by my father who practiced the left-handed path of the craft from his mid-teens until he met my mother (around 23). Through my father, I met a Celtic Hedge Witch who taught me more about witchcraft. I love everything about magick, the good and the bad. I don’t believe in a dark (to an extent) and a light magick. I believe it’s more of the intention of the witch (wizard, sorcerer, sorceress, whatever you may call yourself). Besides witchcraft, I have been studying Druidry for about 6 years now, but I do not use it as a religion; I use it more as a way to look at life more authentically than how one would see life with their minds stuck in the city. I really could not call myself religious, I am much more spiritual, and I believe in God in a very gnostic sense – we are many born from one; although, I separate my magick from these beliefs. Maybe… Haha most of the time I do. I consider myself a wizard reason being that I like to study old grimoires quite a bit and use a lot of ideas from them. I study traditional witchcraft and folk magick. I study chaos and Solomonic magick. I study hoodoo. I also try to develop my own techniques and base my magickal thought on modern science.

I also read cards and I am what some have called “scarily accurate”.

I have a spirit familiar I work with, and the guy is quite interesting. I would not say he is your traditional idea of a familiar. Most familiars come in a singular animal form to their companions – not mine. In fact, he has three forms. When he first appeared to me it was as a pale child with shaggy medium length black hair, eyes shut (I am really not sure why, but I get uneasy when I think to ask), long fingers with claw-like black nails, dirty tattered clothing, and the voice of a young Welsh boy. When I call to him and ask for him to be present in my spell work he comes to me as a raven the size of a hawk. His third form, his most intimidating form, he takes when he is teaching me new spells, magickal concepts, and philosophy. My familiar truly does frighten me in this form as towers over me at about 6’5″. His hair is black and slicked back almost feather-like with all the texture in it. His eyes are as black as a lake at night with no signs of life swimming about it. His arms are long and lanky covered in tar which drips from his claw-like hands. In this form he is always nude – he’s skinny but not sickly looking nor frail. His legs are covered in tar as well, but his feet taken on that of a raven’s claw only from the ankle down. His accent is still Welsh, but his voice is forced and croaky with the subtle tone of tension. Either form though I am glad my familiar chose me.

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