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brentbrown98 profile image


Joined 8 years ago from Indiana, United States, Earth




Hello and thanks for visiting my page! I hope you enjoy my hubs.

There's really not a lot for me to say about myself here. I'm a writer for a small community newspaper who studied Journalism and Telecommunications at Ball State University.

I'm also an avid sports fan, a movie buff, and something of a classic videogame aficionado. Most of my hubs will be about these things and other silly nonsense, but just occasionally, I may actually write something helpful. :)

At any rate, thanks for reading and feel free to "follow" me. I'll certainly reciprocate the favor.

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  • Eulogy for Grandma

    Eulogy for Grandma

    6 years ago

    This is the eulogy I gave for my Grandma at her funeral Sept. 9, 2009. I've been asked to make this public in the past, and have finally decided to do so. Needless to say, she was an incredible person. She was the brightest light in my life and I...

  • The 11 Dumbest Names for a Videogame System

    The 11 Dumbest Names for a Videogame System

    6 years ago

    Iwata-san, "Wii" would like to know what the hell you guys are thinking. Last Summer's Electronic Entertainment Expo pulled back the collective curtains on Nintendo's upcoming new game console as well as Sony's Playstation Portable successor....

  • The 25 Bestest NES Games of All the Times: Part II

    The 25 Bestest NES Games of All the Times: Part II

    7 years ago

    We've reached the not-so-long-awaited conclusion to my NES countdown, dear readers. I'm certain that both of you who read the last post enjoyed it immensely and just couldn't wait to see how it turns out. Well, today is finally the day! I'm not in...

  • 10 Awesomely Awful Sports Logos

    10 Awesomely Awful Sports Logos

    7 years ago

    Having already taken to task several repugnant sports uniforms, I've decided to turn my ire toward some of the athletic world's most unsightly company signatures. How the following sports trademarks ever got past a focus group with at least one good...

  • The 14 Greatest South Park Episodes

    The 14 Greatest South Park Episodes

    2 years ago The second half of South Park's monumental 14th season begins tonight on Comedy Central. But before Cartman and crew return, I thought it might be just the time to take a look back on the animated series and make a list of its 14...

  • 10 Songs and Movies That Go Together Like Taters and Gravy

    10 Songs and Movies That Go Together Like Taters and Gravy

    7 years ago

    Some things are made for each other: peas and carrots, chips and dip, Snooki and alcohol classes... You get the idea. In the spirit of things that are splendidly synergistic, I decided to make a list (in no particular order) of ten movies and songs...