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Brett Caulton has enjoyed the last 10+ years travelling and working in Asia. He has been a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), a freelance writer, an editor, and a manager.

Website: photoscavengerhunts.com.

With buying some websites and writing for others online, he developed a strong interest in SEO techniques and website design about 6 years ago. Since then, he has studied many courses and now specialises in on-page SEO.

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** I write on Hubpages for fun! By reading my Hubs (blogs/articles), you agree that content of all articles is produced from my own knowledge and opinions at the specific time of writing. Articles may have errors, include 'information' thought to have been true and could be out of date. I am not giving 'professional' advice here. Ideas, opinions and suggestions should be investigate independently for supporting/opposing facts. As the author, I am not to be held responsible or liable for any of the content of articles, links, or adverts from Hubpages and Google Adsense.


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