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I love life. In order to captialize on life & create a maximum life experience, I've made it my goal to focus on enhancing each aspect of my life--mental, physical, emotional & spiritual..

As I created this hub-page, one of the steps I had to go through was to select the different categories that my blog would associate with, or connect to in some way...these ranged from politics & economics to travel & vacationing to sciences of all kinds, food & cooking, international culture, fitness & health, etc., etc., etc., etc. I was meant to click on a minimum of 7 out of about 30 or more..

I scrolled down to look for an "all-of-the-above" button, which would've accurately depicted my life's interests. I wanted to link to all these topics because I have an interest in all of them (with the exception of fashion & design).

But seeing as that wasn't an option, I opted to title this blog something health-related, as that covers nearly all aspects of life. If health & well-being are the quest, we can then touch on all of the topics I mentioned above as we explore health from the various angles listed in the first paragraph of this profile.

So let's see what we find, eh? Come & enjoy life w/ me...all sides of it..;)

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