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Namaste :) I'm a therapist, also author of 'Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger', a self help program.

I've a great interest in natural, complimentary health and healing. I believe everyone has the capacity to heal themselves, but unfortunately we've relinquished our power to authorities who profiteer from our incapacity. As someone said, "whenever someone profiteers, someone suffers" ... sad but true.

I'm always looking for products or processes which are natural, easy to apply and achieve results. In the spirit of 'sharing is caring', I endeavor to communicate my findings so you too may benefit. I have a blogspot and several South African websites (Energetix Healing, Anger Management Relief, Trauma Counselling and Anxiety-Stress-Panic Attacks).

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  • Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger

    Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger

    4 years ago

    Anger Gone! is a self help program designed to free one from the clutches of anger. Easily dismantle anger and stress related issues using this workbook, audio, plus receive strategies for daily use.

  • Overcome your Fears fast!

    Overcome your Fears fast!

    4 years ago

    Facing and resolving any fear can be intimidating, yet also truly liberating. Here we explore your magnificence, and reasons to overcome fears. Plus offer a simple yet profound technique to do so!