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I am a freelance writer. I love writing about intersting everyday topics, such as photography, animals and common ideas about life, our social culture and how we as people see the world around us.

I have enjoyed writing poems and personal jounral entires. I have dipped my toes into writing short stories and taking on photography as a side hobby and much enjoy postive and constructive feedback from my viewers.

Please feel at home here as you look around and view the content I have displayed here, and leave a comment or two on what I did great, or how I can further improve, your suggestions and compliments are always welcome. Thank you for stopping by, be sure to come back often as new content is continually uploaded. :)

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  • Teaching Your Puppy How To Sit & Stay

    Teaching Your Puppy How To Sit & Stay

    3 years ago

    How do you teach your puppy to stay, to sit or to stay home alone while you are gone, without ripping everything up? In this article I tell you how to train your puppy to be a well mannered pooch.