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I'm a 26 year old professional with a career in Institutional Investment Management.

I have a golden/something mix 4 year old dog named Kona who I, along with my girlfriend, rescued from the pound.

I enjoy the typical things for someone in my age group. I like going out on the weekends, watching sports, and going on vacations. I also play golf, racquetball, and flag football. I have a strong interest in financial markets,conservative (relatively) politics, 2nd Amendment Rights, the Philadelphia Eagles, and interesting books/movies. I like to go on camping/hiking trips but anything requiring a harness (like climbing a mountain) is usually where I draw the line.

I’m always looking for interesting things and people to read and write about.

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  • Letter to My Old AP English Teacher

    Letter to My Old AP English Teacher

    6 years ago

    Below is a letter I recently wrote and sent to my old AP English Teacher from high school. Although I am not in the teaching or English profession, I have found great success in my career in Investment Management due to...