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After 13 years in the wine industry in marketing-sales-brand management, I’ve moved onto a new phase of life as an aspiring entrepreneur, author, and global citizen.

When I’m not working on keeping up with marketing and social media trends, connecting people and businesses globally, or planning group travel you can find me experiencing beautiful places, meeting awesome people, and writing about it.

I firmly believe that if we choose to surround ourselves with positive, inspiring, and open people our lives will be much happier and more full and we will be more successful at whatever we do.

PS. I’m not rich. I’m also not in my 20’s. I am traveling on a shoe-string budget and doing constant research and work to make sure that I can travel in a style that works for me and my standard of living on far less than it usually costs. I do this through a combination of methods which you can find out more about on my website (http://www.adifferentkindoftravel.com)

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