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I'm a writer and Life Design Coach with 20 years of experience helping other writers and creatives organize their lives around their passions.

I help people who are stalled, stuck, or drifting without direction get unstuck, on track, and creating what matters.

I help them all "find what they really care about," as Kate Wolf urged, "and live a life that shows it.

Key to my work is heping clients shift from a focus on problems and what does not work to creating what does work.

I help them develop the skills and structure (organizing framework) with which to create—and sustain—results that truly matter.

I've been coaching (and consulting) for over 20 years, and I serve clients across 6 continents—North America, Europe, SA, Australia, Asia, and Africa—all via phone and Internet.

I'm the author of Simplicity and Success: Creating the Life You Long For [Trafford 2003], and 2 eBooks -- Thrive! and The ABCs of Emotional Mastery.

I publish a free eNewsletter "Simply Success" with tips and strategies for simplifying life, increasing success on your own terms, and doing more with less. Details on my website.

Sign up for Simply Success at http://www.bruceelkin.com/free.html and I'll send you a free copy of my new ebook THRIVE! And you can unsubscribe yourself with 2 clicks!

And, if you feel down, sad, fearful, anxious, my new ebook - The ABCs of Emotional Mastery - can help you change your stories and self-talk and change negative emotions into positive emotions. And results. Free download (no sign-up) at: http://www.bruceelkin.com/abcs-ebook.html

Practicing what I preach, I live a simple, successful, and sustainable life in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I hope you enjoy my writing, and do feel free to comment or question.

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