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Married 25+ years to a caring wife. A daughter and two sons in their twenties (Yikes!). Love of music, books, art, movies, sports and finding a little good natured laughter in everything. Born, raised and living in Tennessee.

I have been writing since grammar school and have it in my genes! My father was a newspaperman at one time in his career and my mother an English major with a love for creating stories. This is my attempt to venture out into the public with whatever talent I have for putting pen to paper (or finger to key). I look forward to reading, writing and learning at Hubpages.

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  • Whompy-Jawed Words and Phrases

    Whompy-Jawed Words and Phrases

    3 years ago

    Here is another in what has now become a series for me (I guess three hubs constitute a series – It started with Eating Corn on the Cob Through a Picket Fence) about uniquely Southern words and phrases. As you might...

  • Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers

    Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers

    8 years ago

    Think of this as some of the "left overs" to another article dealing with interesting phrases in the South (See Eating Corn on the Cob Through a Picket Fence). I have lived my entire life south of the Mason Dixon Line...