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I'm a nobody. Me and the wifey got 2 cute little angels. So I'm a nobody husband and father to a somebody wife and 2 somebody kids. Does it make me a somebody too? :D

That little guy in my avatar is not me and he's gonna grow up to be a strapping young man, much better than I can ever hope to be. He's the wifey's nephew although I was the one who spent 1 sleepless nigth and the next morning chasing doctors, nurses, and papers when he got terribly sick less than 24 hours into his life.

He's gonna gonna be a big guy. How do I know? Because he's being breastfed and he's like a sucking machine. He'll have awesome powers to boot because he got x-rayed at 1 day old. I didn't see any stray spider while me and the wifey was dangling him in front of the machine, though.

Anyways, I joined hubpages because I was looking for an online repository of the assignements and projects I helped my 10-year old make. Secretly, I'm also hoping to get something extra for my AdSense account. I'm so watching intently for those telltale trails and listening for the sweet jingles.

C'mon cents, start huffing and crawling. Start making those wrigly trails.

I'm still a Mr. Nobody.


To all you GRAMMAR NAZIS out there, I don't care if the dot of my i's are smudged or the cross of my t's are crooked so go play with your birdies.

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