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Who is this guy?

My name is Steve. In my 45 years I have found myself interested in so many things that a friend labeled me a "Compulsive Hobbyist." Today I would be diagnosed with ADD. Instead I like to say I have "varied interests."

I've always been artistic and creative. Some of this spurred out of pure interest in seeing if I could create something, some of the rest of it came from not having what I needed and figuring out how to make do with what I had. The "McGyver" television show was spawned from this exact trait.

I get interested in things very easily and gain a lot of knowledge and satisfaction from participating in them. Whether it is fishing, learning martial arts, or building a hotrod engine, I've achieved a level of accomplishment that has enlightened my life and either provided enjoyment for the time being or continues to do so.

To see many of the artworks and creative projects I have done you can go to my website www.1001hobbies.info . There are works including oil paintings, drawings, metal sculpture, and air brushing as well as creative projects like customizing cars and trucks, making replica movie props, restoring a rowboat, machined parts, and videos I have made, plus more.

As a member of a number of message boards there's been a number of times that people have written directly to me for advice or information, or just my insight, on topics they were involved in. I figured it was time to share my experiences and things I've learned through this site. I hope you find something I have written helpful.

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