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Hello to all,

I'm basically a tech-guy who loves writing on technology, Open Source, Linux and VoIP Systems and PBX like Asterisk.

I'm a non-native English author and I've decided to write hubs for targeting a higher audience and gaining some more exposure. Please feel free to correct me if you find mistakes on my hubs, this would be very helpful for me.

You have a list of my favourite hubs below.

About Hubpages, writing and making money:

Is AdblockPlus killing Adsense earnings?

The Fine Art of writing about what you like

About technology and Open Source:

Understanding GPL licenses

Video Calls coming to iPhone 4

You can find my own blog (in Spanish), with translations of my Hubpages at:

Bytecoders | Linux, Asterisk, PPC y otros gadgets

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  • 10 Open Source VoIP softphones

    10 Open Source VoIP softphones

    7 years ago

    Let's continue with our Open Source VoIP series: today topic will be softphones ... There are a lot of softphones, some of them are free, maybe you have to pay for some other ones, but let's focus on what really...

  • 10 Open Source VoIP servers and proxies

    10 Open Source VoIP servers and proxies

    7 years ago

    A SIP proxy/registrar is an essential part of a VoIP network. Today I will focus on all Open Source available solutions for deploying SIP proxies. Some proxies are useful for beating NAT by rewriting IP addresses in SIP...

  • 10 Open Source VoIP test tools

    10 Open Source VoIP test tools

    7 years ago

    There are many things that affect VoIP performance: Packet Loss, Jitter, Packet Delay, latency. All those things are network related and usually most VoIP quality problems are coming from the network. But you are lucky...