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    4 years ago

    ants making their way ... Birds chirping, singing, whistling - flying to and fro - flowers face the sun - growing, blooming. Even the grasses are being pushed around by the breezes. - tree-limbs budding leaves waving ... reaching upward, outward -...

  • Bar Keep

    Bar Keep

    4 years ago

    broken body - spoken mind lifted spirit - sunshine In the snow - sparkles like grains of sand and shells far below Wind chimes - those songs Those archangels of old Play me a melody do what you're told. Oh Gabriel - Michael this...

  • Asclepius Vipers

    Asclepius Vipers

    4 years ago

    Escaping from the dilemma of my source And if that should be entitled to anything important while I sit and unwind and divorce myself from standing trial all the time Just to be the word And be in charge. Spoken and soaked up And where...

  • That sunshine

    That sunshine

    5 years ago

    Dimmed behind November clouds Sits like an egg, ready to crack sitting up there ... Upon a leafless tree, an arch appearing - like open arms - One shoulder, like a nest - for a gloomy, bed-raggled saturday - Broader than the other - ...

  • sand on the beach

    sand on the beach

    6 years ago

    the spaces in between condense and obscure all that was offered to be … All that was meant to be happened already in a memory … That changes from reality to faded colors, watered down by individual perceptions … and voices...

  • God is an electric lightbulb

    God is an electric lightbulb

    6 years ago

    Once something is out … I don’t want to get it ‘out’ again. If I talk about something Push it ‘out’ there … Then, it doesn’t seem as necessary to go and “do” something about whatever it was I was talking about, because it...

  • Angels don't smile

    Angels don't smile

    6 years ago

    I’ve been shaking-it-off Like a dog coming-up out of the water feeling baptized by the lightness having shed the weight of all the denseness that kept me immersed in a round-about undertow always taking me...

  • Hanging around

    Hanging around

    5 years ago

    musical poetry

  • Private Property

    Private Property

    6 years ago

    on their front porch as the light began to fade ... over on a railing I watched an icicle being made as the drops got even smaller no longer melting from the shade I couldn't sit there any longer though the plan had been made That we...

  • that underground subway smell

    that underground subway smell

    6 years ago

    like it’s living in four different cities As if they’re in holographic form on some other plane Familiar faces People walking around, milling about in the backdrop Must be the nerves or, they just seem to flow continuously Like blood...

  • Those Finches

    Those Finches

    7 years ago

    resemble moments I saw before out my window in front of me ahead of me outside the door. I’m quick to go things to do no time to stop enjoy the view Traffic lights and airplanes braking quickly moving fast sirenes...

  • Wither Can You Flee?

    Wither Can You Flee?

    7 years ago

    and it hurts to try Whither can you flee? Do you drink for relief? Or pick at that pie? Instead of calling me? When you’re weary and sad and feel lost at the core do you call your doctor to prescribe more? Do you hide under cover...

  • Exaulted


    7 years ago

    The screaming did induce that which rolled me right along those avenues did amuse my intention to breath again and exaulted I became as that twisted chord went withered as silenced was my name when heard above the roaring was the...

  • Recording the Moments

    Recording the Moments

    7 years ago

    opened anew waking, feeding off ... avoiding to feel strenuous, exerted and grope ... at the scene before the morning ... after the dream. Who's visiting? I'm moving! Pacing the floors recording the moments forever warned,...

  • Weighed Triangles

    Weighed Triangles

    7 years ago

    scrawled heavily on see-through creatures all crowded together patting each other with fluid-like skin, padded-lined arms and shoulders in motion of approval sagging, aging, bruised and bumpy in places of blackened spots, transparent....

  • Eye Witness

    Eye Witness

    7 years ago

    just one inch and separated finally ... centuries folded back their moments as I, but not just me, was seeing every wonderful thing expressed all being conceived, and every reason justified for all eternity. I couldn't help but laugh ...

  • Asleep in the Hollow

    Asleep in the Hollow

    7 years ago

    another dawning opposed by actual knowing asleep in the hollow, the pit, the void the web weaves its voice into tomorrow another sorrow another destroyed to venture to and fro upon the listening ear aided across unlimited space ...

  • Admonished


    7 years ago

    a voice of sanity unlimited in its origin I protested with shame-faced vanity and crawled beneath my skin Diseased by this poisonous denial A dissolute life eluded my Will In learning my sin was venial I struggled with it still...

  • Sending Peter

    Sending Peter

    7 years ago

    In vain, I sought to sight Leaning on the while I sat to stand Saw a man sat side his bed and in a former scene was never so serene until then. When he began Some spirit took a part of him and he rocked like a babe to a song...

  • Ode to a Scramble

    Ode to a Scramble

    7 years ago

    a visible exchange inside a still-moment Reflected what glimpsed as it captured what blinked-out Those remains to allude toward more resolutions Selecting the initial refraining and exquisitely engrossed For the purpose of conjecture for...

  • Danced Beside the Void

    Danced Beside the Void

    7 years ago

    All along chose to Hold the compass straight When the angle vacillates Unsteady in this dimension Avoid the straight-forward Unrewarding when comprehended The pain is narrow and overrated Sways shallow on the tongue Verbal awakening...

  • Naked Shadow

    Naked Shadow

    7 years ago

    Behind my mind, beside Its naked shadow … Fooled my pride into believing That I could follow And decided for me That I could be That I could see That I was heavy That I was tortured That I was even alive and honored Some...

  • Depraved


    7 years ago

    Solitude points sharp and clears Only a memory can tempt that fears And compensate that value years That controlled that self that bone and heart Less sacrifice when playing a part A field of green to run along To jump around and sing...

  • Futile Attempts

    Futile Attempts

    7 years ago

    taking, talking, instructing - Mulling around the abyss ... Sneaking in, inside, spying and doing in the dark, quiet, mindful, exploring. Mallet in the left - Knocking down pegs - One, another wont budge ... "It's not the tool! Damn...

  • Silky Blue

    Silky Blue

    7 years ago

    I sit contemplating swift quick jabs from my pen across my chin wanting something every second of that beat protruding slightly more into my gum line where echoes jump and catch me hearing and lead me to a long time ago in a tiled...

  • Eugenics - A Perspective -

    Eugenics - A Perspective -

    7 years ago

    Waving my hand to smack it away - I don’t even notice why - But there it is again and it brought a friend - And now I’m engaged with the tiniest fly - It leaves me alone going on it’s way - Until I forget that it exists - Now there’s three...

  • Clouds of Gray

    Clouds of Gray

    7 years ago

    Clouds of gray were closing in on where the sun was a shadow in the loop. The drizzle was occurring before it happened upon me ... And the chill appeared first where I felt a flush beneath the bone, inside my back and continued to...

  • Escaping the Landscape

    Escaping the Landscape

    7 years ago

    I sat and closed my eyes beneath the rays and interplays between where shadows meet the light in me seeking to be united by what seems to hold what I'm picturing-forth. So many colors and shapes and sizes, unique and changing upon my...

  • This Matter

    This Matter

    7 years ago

    that pressure predisposed and vibrating its victory its outgrowth is maddening ... magnetized by its sheer will - fallen, fixated, heavy. Its horizon all measured and weighing in slices of colors knowing another brighter, lighter,...

  • Untoward


    7 years ago

    me was a grace went withered beyond what retained in a similar appearance in vanity seething that sought to be fittest among the varying people's competing to finish. Where the dust never settles upon any for cause for if it were ever to...

  • A Million Voices

    A Million Voices

    7 years ago

    feeling rather homesick I can hear the bells They remind me of a story of one that's hard to tell. My stomach burns intensely The weight that carries my extremes, I haven't found much use yet interpreting my dreams. Except that they...

  • Stark realities

    Stark realities

    7 years ago

    the scope that encircles my triangulations ... Your view of me is - all that is you. There really is no present time holding me steady - your birds-eye view will cause me to become to you whatever you're holding me to. I am...

  • Perceptions impressions

    Perceptions impressions

    7 years ago

    redefining conceptions oscillating, isolating, back and forth .. "Nice swing!" intervening between ... an image ... interacting, monitoring that physical residing with, within, without- "I'm a tourist here" ... sapped in, sucked in ...

  • Life's beach

    Life's beach

    7 years ago

    and thought about a dream I was on a mirror, in a mirror looking down at me. A reflective, spiraling entity appeared beyond the scene vibrating colors shaped like diamonds with lightening eyes between each cell became golden yellow ...

  • Capturing


    7 years ago

    slowly, rushes by ... we sing to our own chorus All the versus all in time Though, all eternity awaits to hear our awesome sound It's never too late to give, or take for there's nothing lost, nor found ... Though, bound ... as real, as...

  • Occolated


    7 years ago

    for the judgment endures in this cynical, cyclical, tempting that lures, lapses, in postures that form relating, soothing, yet violently born. Valiantly, forlorn, seeking and wondering at every turn, where contemplating, imagination...



    7 years ago

    trickled down creating the dust that called into being separating one thing from another in order to experiment with the substance because, at first ... it was just fun. The entitlement won some favor and a few more joined the team, experimenting...

  • Sustenance


    7 years ago

    Through the days that I have been a being in my existence inhaling and exhaling all I've seen I have breathed in what surrounds voiced within my bounds weighty from the ground a shadow only of what I stand to mean. Something unseen...


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