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CaffeineInsomnia (otherwise known as "Adam" in certain circles) is an entrepreneur, DJ, and world traveller with a true jack-of-all-trades interest in a number of things.

Always engaged in current events, a lover of information, a creator of several cults unmentioned in public, and an upcoming author of a visionary fiction novel, Adam lives peacefully in a loft high above a U.S. city well known for its violent crime rates.

I hope you enjoy my Hubs, and will look forward to reading your tidbits of knowledge as well!

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  • Reasons Not To Mourn Michael Jackson's Death

    Reasons Not To Mourn Michael Jackson's Death

    8 years ago

    While many mourn the death of the great popstar Michael Jackson, many are scratching their heads about how they should feel about the death of the legendary Pop icon.  He’s a respectable, well-accomplised musician...