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calpol25 profile image

Callum (calpol25)

Joined 8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)




Also follow me on:

Hi there my name is Callum but every one calls me Calpol25, I was born and raised in the city of Carlisle in the North West of England (exactly 10 miles from the scottish border). Now happily living in Edinburgh (Scotland) with my partner Ian. We've been together since June 2012, though this is disputable as we do have three official anniversaries.
January and March have found their way into it, so its kind of awkward to explain, but hey ho.. its nice to be different.

I love foreign languages and history and have been reseaching the holocaust and world war two for over 15 years.

I love to write, especially about topics such as LGBT issues and bring things to light that have been kept silent, I also write about day to day things like chores we all love to hate, and random things that we all do at some point in life as well as poetry.

I have a wicked sense of humour and enjoying making fun of life, and also having a good laugh at myself too as you will see from some of my hubs..

I was interviewed by HP a while back so if you would like to know more about me and my writings, then here follow this link -

The Fantastic Hubbers I Have Been Working With On Some Projects -

Recently I have been working on some joint projects with other hubbers which is so amazing, we write hubs together although we are miles apart we are still in contact online, and draw strengths from each others creativity. Our hubs range from LGBT History to Comical stories and Fantasy, please feel free to read them and comment.

Loopylou our joint hubs are - Mine & Calpols Story Part One as well as our second is - Mine & Calpols Story Part Two there will be many more to come from us.

Candie V our joint hub so far is - Dances With Vacuums Part one there will be more to come from this series too.

Alian346 Our hubs here focus on LGBT History and will become a series of hubs known as "LGBT The People Of History" they will be shared either on my page or Alian346's but there will be links here to them too.

Here Is The Contents Page With All The Series And The Story Behind It -
LGBT People Of History Collection

There are more LGBT articles at our website where you can read and/or interact and leave comments for us and dont forget to sign our guestbook. Here Is The Link -

Here Is the 100th LGBT People Of History Hub Of Our Series

LGBT People Of History Part One Hundred James Dean

Following Me

You can also follow me on Twitter Google+1 Facebook Or my very own newspaper THE CALPOL25 CHRONICLE
Follow this link to my newly launched LGBT History Website about the Homosexual Victims Of The Holocaust with alot of information on the suffering imposed to Gay people by the Nazis.

Some Of My LGBT Hubs

Outside of Hub Pages I am an LGBT Activist and gay rights campaigner, and I also write articles about the harder issues we face as LGBT people in Society and try to help others who are thinking about Coming Out, Dealing with Denial and trying to gain Acceptance of themselves and others.

Some Of My Christmas Themed Hubs

Ah Christmas, good will on to all people and christmas carols but thats just a fantasy as we know that Christmas is not always like that. It can be a nightmare trying to get things done in time! The Tv is not always good and we ar constantly bombarded with adverts that make no sense - Dont You Just Hate Them! Then the Christmas Shopping none of us like doing and finally the songs we sing.

Some Of My Historical Hubs

In 2011 For The Holocaust Memorial Day Of Jan 27th I Launched an Exhibition in Manchester UK for the Homosexual Victims Of The Holocaust I have also gone on to write many articles here on Hub Pages about the Holocaust and also the Cabaret years before. Featuring Dr Magnus Hirschfeld (The First Gay Activist), Dr Carl Vaernet (Danish Nazi War Criminal) And also Ernst Rohm the first openly Gay Nazi.

Fancy Some Poetry?

Here are 4 of my most popular poetry hubs I Met A Man Called Underneath The Willow Tree Coming Out and The Label You Give Me. I hope you enjoy.

Please Note:

All of my work is copy right protected so to those of you who are plagiarists and hub thieves as we call you, please think carefully before you steal any of my work and also my friends and followers work too. We will find out and we will find you and you will be made to remove it and face legal prosecution.

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  • Types Of Sexuality In Humans

    Types Of Sexuality In Humans

    8 years ago

    Sexuality in humans is a very complex thing as people are only aware of the four main ones but not the other ones that I am going to explain to you all and bring to light. The groups are as follows Heterosexual Homosexual Bisexual ...

  • Ernst Rohm The Gay Nazi

    Ernst Rohm The Gay Nazi

    6 years ago

    Ernst Rohm Born November 28th 1887 in Munich Germany was Ernst Julius Rohm to Emile and Julius Rohm his proud parents. A native of Munich Ernst served as an Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) with the 13th infantry regiment in the Bavarian army at the...