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Camping with Kids profile image

GA Andereson (Gus) (Camping with Kids)

Joined 7 years ago from Maryland, USA




Also follow me on:

As an avid lifelong tent camper, I started tent camping when I was 8 years old, on week-long bear hunting camping trips with my grandfather in the mountains of West Virginia.

My later camping experiences also included 8 years as an adult Boy Scout leader in a troop that was very active - camping out at least one, (sometimes two), weekends each month. That's where I learned that camping with kids was one of the best and most fulfilling camping trips to go on. It was also where I discovered that I was a pretty fair campfire story teller, and learned many of the camping tips I write about. I enjoy sharing my camping tips and experiences at: - on camping tips, free camping guides, resources, and printable camping checklists. Plus of course a jam-packed section dedicated to camping with kids ideas and information.

One of my favorite reasons for camping is the campfire. From campfire cooking, to after-dark story-telling, it's just not a "real" campout without a campfire.

ps. If you frequently go camping with kids, you might find these Camping with Kids Resources helpful.



Helpful Outdoor Camping Article Categories

Easy Camping Recipes for Kids

Fun Camping Activities for Kids

Free Printable Camping Checklists

Plus many more camping tips and guides listed below


I do have a few other irons in the fire other than camping. The "little devil" in me enjoys the lively debates and exchanges generated by my political and social issues articles written as:


GA Anderson - the Curmudgeon


Personal Information:

Greetings from Maryland's Eastern Shore, U.S.A. I am technically old as dirt, but feel just short of middle-age. I am so handsome that women stare at me in public places, but also humble enough to smile and nod thank you, I have a wonderful wife and family, and my kid's are doing great. They have to, I made them sign contracts when they were six, promising to support my wife and I. The details of said support requiring no less than eleven single-spaced pages.

I think Hubpages is a great writing platform that allows me to write articles that make $1000's of dollars per day, or ones that tell all the knuckleheads in the world where to go, and how to get there. These are just as enjoyable as the money makers - because there are a lot of knuckleheads that need my attention.


Other website activities: - Collectibles & Porcelains info and auctions
Appletreedeals on Squidoo -
My HubPages alter-ego
Cat's Meow Village Finder -
Cat's Meow Village Collectible pieces
Wine Openers Accessories & Gifts -
ALL things for wine lovers
Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tools -
Early efforts on affiliate marketing promotions
ebay Seller's Tips -
Tips and advice for new and experienced ebay sellers and buyers

**Author's Google+ profile

A note about shopping links and referrals: Most of the product links here are referral links or affiliate links that do provide a commission to the author. Income is also generated by page views and ad impressions of both this profile, and other Hubpages articles pages.

Camping with Kids is written by GA Anderson+

**Author's Google+ profile

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