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Wordsmith, artist, lover of Life. Critter mama extraordinaire. Blossoming Being on this magnificent Planet Earth, soaking in the love, scattering Joy. Primarily engaged in the BLOSSOMING part. Ever onward, ever growing. There is little more important than living one's JOY.

Time marches on, whether we use it or not. Time is an illusion. So who cares if it marches? It is the "usage" that matters. If you spend yours as you want, or you do not, time will still pass. There is no such thing as "too late". Unless...you're dead.

So, this Blossoming Being spends every moment of her waking day, and on into her dreams, creating, loving, sharing. Surrounded by beauty and critters, fed well, clothed and clean, the minutiae has dwindled to nearly zero. Life is GOOD.

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